Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't Panic! He's In Control

Every person is not exempted to have problems, to bump with challenges nor troubles in life. Do you know any person who didn't experience any problems? Well lets put it this way...kung walang problema, how do you see the world? sasabihin mo naman e di masaya, kasi wala ngang problema. But have you ever consider the fact na kung walang problema sa mundo but still the attitude of the people are still the same, problema pa rin yon di ba? mas malala pa nga siguro. Kung ang lahat ng tao ay mayaman sasabihin mo naman e di maganda kasi wala ng pulubi, wala ng magugutom but still may away kasi ang bawat tao ay magpapataasan at maghihilahan pababa, problema pa rin di ba?
Hindi mo ba naiisip kung lahat ng tao ay nagkakaproblema bakit yung iba mong kakilala parang hindi naman nagkakaroon. Tanungin mo sila maaring isasagot nila sa'yo "nasa nagdadala lang yan" which is true if you know how to handle your problems or the situations where you are it would be easy to pretend as if nothing is happening but still if you look into their eyes you can see the sorrow, the pain , and the worries within their heart. They might pretend and hide behind those smiles but still there will be no inner peace. But if you have GOD in you, if you have a relationship with the LORD everything will be as easy as you think. Even the storm will calm itself, the darkness will be lighted, and you will feel the peace - no need to pretend that you're fine and tell everyone that you're ok cos they are the one who will ask you "why it seems everything is alright inspite and despite of what you're going through" and if you have GOD within you you will just say "I'm fine cos GOD is in control of everything, His will be done..."

I've been going to difficult times since last week but I truly praise and glorify GOD for giving me the strength to overcome all of it. Sabi ko nga hindi hahayaan ni Lord na lumipas ang even half day man lang para bigyan Nya ako ng solution sa lahat. Truly He can give all the things we've ask in just a snap.

You don't need to spend money just to talk with the Lord, all you need is to call Him through prayers and listen to His answer.
Have you ever try to call to God? if not this is the time to call Him. Talk to Him and I am sure He will answer you.
Whom shall I fear? Whom shall I be afraid of ? If the LORD is with me...
People may doubt you, they might hurt you and push you in troubles but as long as you are with GOD no one can harm one can hurt you.

Don't panic! The Lord is in control of everything. All you need is to let Him enter into your life. Ask forgiveness for all the sins that you've done; accept Him as Your personal Savior and live life according to Him.

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