Monday, September 9, 2013

Saturdate with Super Friends

At last after few weeks without "gala" with the SUPER FRIENDS last Saturday we were back in each table again :-)

Its unplanned night naman talaga, we gone out to give a simple farewell for one of our super friend Kuya Eugene, I'll make a separate post for that.  Sad in a way cos we will really miss him but we are overwhelmed of happiness being with each other again, although we're not complete we enjoyed the night pa rin naman.
We reminisced our past "gala" and even planned our next adventure. Ang saya lang ng mga plano especially the Pinas tour! for sure it will be posted in here kapag natuloy na.
People says its easy for us to be together kasi we are working in the same company, ay hindi na pala lahat but most of us are still in the same office pero still iba pa rin yung nakakalabas yung hindi lang sa office, hindi naman kasi nakakapagkwentuhan ng kung ano-ano sa office, kaya guysa one advice if you have a set of friends na namimiss nyo or kahit hindi nyo namimiss try to be connected with them again. Its a given fact that working abroad means a loaded schedule, busyness in short. Time is the best expression of love. Sometimes I even me talk to myself if I can still lengthen the time just to finish what I need to accomplish in a day and good thing I really learned and realized that I need to relax once in a while. But be sure you're with the right people, people who will push you up for good and not pull you down - a right and good set of friends.
I'm so thankful I have my SF :-) 
And all are excited for the year end party..hahaha yup its few months away pa but we're all excited to celebrate our 3rd year traditional year end party, kung hindi man sa December iadvance na natin sa October!
Thank you Lord for the friendship we have...

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