Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marching on March

Wow can't believe that two months already passed and we are now on second week of March.
March is my favorite month
March is my birth month as well as my Dad's month.
I have a lot of memories I truly cherished on this month....hope this year it will be the same again.
Wishing that this month will be another March that I will treasure.
I think so naman na magiging memorable ulit ang March 2010 for me
March 1 : super naaliw ako kasi inspite of summer season na dito sa disyerto e bumuhos pa rin ang ulan. I don't know but there's something in the rain that I love. Before naman ok lang umulan man o hindi but recently I'm always wishing na sana umulan...if others sing "rain rain go away.." I am singing "rain rain come again.."
March 3 : due to my workload as in loaded almost two weeks na yata akong 10:00pm nakakauwi lagi and 'pag Friday naman after church I'd rather stay at home to get some rest. But last Wednesday together with my friends in the office Jen & Dhing enjoyed simple things on our bonding in super simple caused we didn't go sa malls instead we just visited Al Rawnaq to buy some colorful & cute clips; stationeries & other stuffs plus we ate not in a food chain or fine dining resto but instead in a Turkish shawarmahan sa Habeeb. We enjoyed sa murang halaga
March 4 : a pre-birthday celebration treat of my cousin Peach. Magkabirthday kami ni Peach but she decided to celebrate it Thursday night para na rin makapagbonding sila ng mga officemates nya plus bonding moments din naming magpipinsan. Kantahan, kwentuhan, tawanan and sympre picturan. Kung hindi ba naman uber saya at miss na miss namin ang isa't isa we left sa house nila at 1:00 a.m.
March 5: I was blessed again by the preached I heard by Pastora Henny. And as Tita Suzette said after she saw the tears on my eyes...."you are touched by the Holy Spirit"...share ko na lang sa inyo what is it on the other post.
I'm hoping that this month is magiging maganda at ok lahat and besides I'm looking forward to some moments for this month like:
March 9 : It's my birthday!...I'm proud to be 29
March 12 : Daddy's Birthday
Plan din namin dito sa office to have "field trip" birthday celebration na rin & treat for Kuya Jun for his farewell
March 16 : Ate Rebecca's first death anniversary....I miss you ate
March 18 : My tabachingching inaanak Danica's second birthday and Ate Jayn's birthday din sa Pinas. At the same time last day ni Kuya Jun sa office ...hay super mamimiss ka namin Kuya
March 28: Ate Judith's birthday and another staff will have his graceful Papasan
March 31: One of my Malaysian colleague will say bye bye na rin to us para magsettle down.
There are something to look forward talaga sa month na ito...some are exciting but some will surely makes me sad. Anyways for now I will not think of it muna instead I will just grasp whatever is on my hand at this moment.

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