Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Surprise

Sunday is the first day of the week here in gulf. And every sunday what to expect...super busy schedule, desk & tray na umaapaw ang documents, teleponong nakakabingi sa pagring. But inspite of that something makes me super smile & saya at di lang ako even all those persons na nakareceived. Everyone is excited to open and all of us were surprised!
sooo..cuteeeeeee...sympre akin ang pinakaiba at pinakamaganda,hehehe sympre ako ang anak,hehehe
That cute Christmas card is from Lolo...Sato san. Even he is assigned already in Japan,di nya kami nakakalimutan and super nageffort sya na magsulat knowing na super busy sya sa head office. Well...really appreciated naman ng lahat.
And sympre talagang idinisplay ko talaga sa desk ko yung card..and it really caught attention and all of them are asking ..."from my boss" "sino si tatang nyo"..."di ah kay Lolo ko"
Although yearly naman ako may natatanggap na Christmas card from friends and family / relatives, this one is different kasi Lolo is my first boss ever na nagbigay ng card...super thoughtful nya talaga :). This is also the 1st card for this year na natanggap ko and it really makes me smile.
Hay ilang araw na lang and Christmas mga gift givers tumatanggap na po ako ng mga gifts :)

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