Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas ...are priceless

When someone asks us kung ano yung wish natin we commonly enumerate those things na we can have & hold by our short materials ones. But as they its better to receive a priceless gift especially from those people you really love & care. If yesterday I posted those gifts that I want to receive this Christmas, now yung mga priceless gift naman na I want to have and sana for lifetime .
Love is the most powerful thing on earth. Sabi nga ng mga taong cheesy it can move heaven and earth daw..well. I know I have it already and I want those persons who love me just to continue loving me, inspite of my tantrums, weaknesses and some not so good thing about me.
When I was still a "professional student" in short wala pang trabaho,hehe my friend Jona asked me "hay Jen kelan kaya dadating yong time na magiging busy tayo sa work? yung nagmamadali sa morning kasi baka malate at tumatanggi na sa mga social gatherings kasi may OT or exhausted na?"...well kung alam mo lang Jona, that's exactly my situation right now. I'm not complaining naman pero I wish I have more TIME to do all the things I want to do. I remembered what Serge told me nung one time na makachat ko ulit sya "Jen saan ba nakakabili ng TIME?" I replied naman "huh?" "yes kasi kung may alam ka pakisabi lang sa akin para mabilhan kita ng maraming marami kasi lagi ka na lang busy" he added. Kung meron nga lang ba...
Patience is a virtue...I am patient naman but I need more more more patience. Patience to the people around me..hehehe and sympre in everything I do.
Faith...I am not loosing it but I don't want to be stagnant on what I have now. I want to grow and I know I need to do a lot of things pa in order to be there...but I'm not in a hurry naman ssabi nga "slowly but surely". I know God is step by step molding me.
They call me Ms. Friendship wayback in Pinas..hehehe kahit na supladita ako and kinda mataray daw..hahaha. When I started to work here in gulf may mga nagbago and usually kahit di sabihin sa akin ng mga tao dito sa office they see me as mataray at suplada talaga, only those people na friends ko na ang nakakaalam who's the real me. One thing Im sure about "being vocal & figthing for what is right & need to be is not katarayan". I'm not asking friendship for everyone, what I really wish is for those people..I mean my FRIENDS here and in Pinas or kung saan mang sulok ng mundo..hehehe to always keep our FRIENDSHIP burning. You know who you are guys and I know that I really love & care for you.
I have so many pa sana but sa ngayon yan yung top 5 on my list.
I will try my very best to grant all those "priceless gift" for myself

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