Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something to Ponder: TRUST

The week is not yet over and Wednesday is favorite day but today is different. I don't know if only because I'm stressed and pressured on my work. Last night before I go to sleep I planned everything that I'm going to do today as yesterday I was whole day busy doing just an "extra curricular" work. But it seems that what happened yesterday will be more stressfull today. I already used of too much workload and working under pressure but what I'm not used is working for those people who wants all things from us is "instant" and people who are talking to their staffs sarcastically. I know its not nice to compare thats why we are not comparing "lolo" from them because "lolo" is uncomparable.
My prayer as this moment:
Lord, give or extend the patience within us. Control our temper and may we stay calm as you are during those times that the evil is provoking you. Amen

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