Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let Me Share

Let me share you this thought from a friend of mine. I was chatting with him a while ago when he suddenly popped up with this advice. Thanks po
"shed your tears to cleanse your heart but after that, cleanse your thought by accepting and moving on"
We are human and each of us has our own emotions. I admits mejo iyakin ako even some petty things naiiyak agad ako. I cry when I'm tired..physically and emotionally tired. I cry when I'm hurt much more when "heartaches". I cry when I'm disappointed. I cry when I'm overwhelm, symphatizes, and even movies or mga simpleng tv shows. Pero di ako iyakin ha
Its fine to hard it is pa. Don't think what other people will say against you; they don't know exactly how you feel. But after the rain the sun will come out again. Welcome the new day with smile. Wipe the tears, stand, and move on

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