Friday, November 6, 2009

Heart Me at Thursday

I was in a hectic pace this week, although I used to worked under pressured & stressed team this week is different. Two days in a row I worked until 10:00 p.m and almost asleep when I got inside the car going home. Just last night knowing that its the last day of the week although I'm tired I appreciatively watch the scenery in Corniche road...parang kagabi ko lang nanoticed ang mga ilaw sa corniche. When I reached home at the door wayI noticed that the light was turned off and its not usual unless nobody at home.


I was surprised when I saw that our christmas tree is already arranged but since I'm excited and super namiss ko na rin ang magayos ng christmas tree inayos ko ulit yung mga christmas balls and ribbons. Super nakakarelax talaga..nakakapawi ng stress. I heart the Christmas tree on our living room talaga especially when its lights are open.

grrrrrr....I'm hungry!

Kk on the rescue...super namiss ko ito and sa office pa lang gusto ko ng kainin pero naisip ko na di ko maappreciate kasi ang nasa harap ko pa rin is isang tambak na documents. Donuts and coffee match perfectly to eased my hunger and cravings. Super I heart KK talaga.

I hope everyday something will ease the stress, pressures, and tiredness I got from the office. Simple things heart me

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