Thursday, November 12, 2009

My E-Inspirations

All of us has our own inspirations. They are the people who we look up to or admire. We may know them personally like our family, friends, colleagues or mentors. But sometimes there are some people na di natin kilala personally but we admire them and become our inspiration; they may be a famous actors, tough broadcasters, prominent writers, etc.
I want to you to meet my inspirations. People who I don't know personally and surely they don't know me as well....hehehe but inspired and encouraged me to strive more to be a better me. I just met them all in "e-world" just a click you can meet them too.
Meet Lysa TerKeurst: Leading Women in Adventure of Faith

I met her through "Encouragement Today", an e-ministry's devotions mail. I am already more than 1 year ng subscriber ng ET but just recently I was able to noticed that each topic they sent to me has different authors. I was really blessed when I read their article entitled "Rejection" and found out its writer name. Yeah..she is Lysa and immediately visited her website. Visiting her site is now a part of my regular surfing routine. If you want her to be a part of your everyday life as well, you can visit her in:
Meet Bianca Gonzales: Supergirl Wannabe
I am not a fanatic by nature but I was really impressed with Bianca. Not all artist who are actively seen on tv is as sensible as her. Sensible not only doing her job in hosting or acting but as a person when she's off cam. Oh di ba sounds we really close to each other hehehe. She was introduced to me by my cousin Leslie a year ago but not personally but through blogger. Since her blogs was five years old then I need to read all of it from the start so I can relate to her future blogs. Good I did, coz I had a chance to her better. She's really beautiful inside & out and not only an artist but a samaritan in her own way. She inspired me that if I really want to help others I can do something even in my own litte way.
Meet ShopCrazy: Boost Your Shopping Smarts
Like any other girls, I love shopping sooo much! but I get even more head over heels enjoy it if I got all the items in a cheap price. When I started working here abroad one of the thing that I missed is my Cosmopolitan magazine collections. And since the country where I am now is prohibiting that kind of magazine, I consulted the net if I can subscribe the same in the net. And at last I did...yeah its the "shopcrazy" . It is an influential shopping blog under Female Network that currently has a base of almost 13,000 hardcore shopping aficionados. It covers the latest products and services coming out in Metro Manila in a variety of categories (fashion, beauty, home, gadgets, food, lifestyle services, and kids). You can never go out on what is the hip on Philippine fashion with SC. So be inspired to be a Pinay fashionista even away from home.
Meet Bo Sanchez: The Preacher on Jeans
I know Bo since my college days, I am an avid reader of his books like what I have "To Date or Not To Date". His books tackles realistic issues and situations in ones life plus the soulfood that he always offered. Reading his blogs and other writings really inspired to go on and reach my dreams and most especially search myself on what is my purpose here. I received a worthy reading article from an officemate and on the last line I saw that is from Bo. Now I can take the soulfood he's serving not only to the books but even in just a click .
Inspirations may be from the person we know personally and we can visibly seen but since we are now in technie era they are just a click away.
Be inspired and encouraged in just a click!

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