Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Childish On Me

I love having cutie things like mickey mouse stuffs, maybe that's why people who don't know me personally called me "childish" Its not a big deal for me to be called as, maybe because I am used to it? or maybe I know the fact that its not true. Well...both
Again, somebody called me  "childish", he maybe the least person I am expecting but he did. This is the conversation I had  with him.

jen arellano: well, sge pag nsa USA ka na...padalhan mo na lang ako s pinas ha
jen arellano: hehehe

jen arellano: mababaw lang naman ako...
jen arellano: bag lang or mickey mouse stuff
jheng: hahaha...
jheng: mickey mouse
jen arellano: o bakit ka tumtawa
jen arellano: i started collecting mickey since 1997 pa

jheng: kasi batang isip ka pa rin...
jen arellano: b4 my room sa pinas really full of mickey mouse
jen arellano: ganon ba tingin m s akin isip bata?
jen arellano: well..its ur opinion
jheng: everyone has to have this child like character in himself
jheng: that's what gives us glow
jen arellano: ur the first person na ngsabi s akin n isi bata ako
jen arellano: well...ok lng
jheng: sorry kung na offend ka...
jen arellano: i dont care
jen arellano: ok lng
jen arellano: ur subject to ur own opinion
jheng: i am refering to the mickey mouse stuff
jen arellano: as i've said ok nga lng

Anyway its not a big deal for me, I know he doesn't mean it. And as I've said each person is subject to their own opinions; maybe I learned to be an open minded now and not be too sensitive in accepting other opinions and views.
I'm a "childlike" but I'm sure I'm not childish

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