Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sagip Kababayan

After the rain...
After the storm...
I know sun will shine once again.

Typhoon Ondoy marked the Philippine history as the heaviest rain fall
In just six hours many lives and properties were wiped out
But inspite of the tragic calamity, Filipinos proved once more that "bayanihan" is alive

All are equal...
People from different social class are all affected.
Mansions, bungalow, bahay kubo, condominiums and other type of houses are damaged by overflowing flood.
Social elites, showbiz personalities, politicians, common tao, and poor experienced how to stepped down, swam in the flowing flood, and stayed under the rain.
Ondoy open our eyes that nobody is superior on the mother earth revenge.

I am blessed...
My family is not affected by the typhoon.
They didn't experienced the hunger because no foods are available inside the fridge cause it was already eaten by the big waves of flood.
My family didn't experienced to be on top of the roof as it is the safest place where they can hide.
They didn't experienced the coldness brought by the wind and rain.
And most of all, we are blessed because we never experienced to loose loved ones due to Ondoy.

Yet, even I am away from my home country...
I feel the pain that they are going through
I see how hard they are coping now from the tragic experience
I cried with them since I saw them on TFC
I symphatized with them
I feel helpless just watching  them!
I know I can do something to help.

Hey guys its time for bayanihan !
Calling all my friends, colleagues, relatives, and all people who has a big heart
This is our time to share our blessings to them.

Take out your excess clothes on your cabinet and put it on the SK (samahang kababayan) box.
Polish your old shoes and wash your old slippers and put it on the SK box!

Give pledges
Instead of buying some wants or spending money to not so important things
Pull it out on your pocket and donate it to the needy.
A little sacrifice will caused a lot to them,
It may be a small amount on you but for them it cost a lot.

Once more, let us stretch our hands to our kababayans.
Reach them out and help to make a change on their life!

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