Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday Blues

Had you ever experienced na halos naiiyak ka na because naiinis ka?

And it seems na everything is not right and not according to your plan?

Well, I felt the same I have said to myself last night "Thursday is not my day"

I woke up with a heavy head...still I have my migraine, actually di nga ako nakatulog because of that

I usually planned what outfit I will going to wear the next day but since I'm not feeling well I was not able to prepare my clothes for the next day.

I was in front of my closet for about 30 minutes yata thinking what I'm going to wear. Nakailang palit yata ako ng blouse and even accessories from earrings to bracelet.

Sa office half day ako na di nakagamit ng PC cause the I.T configured it for the security system. Other software was removed and some new programs was installed. Password pa lang problema na...hay then all of my files are secured so meaning I cannot edit,save or print what I have on my PC. Before lunch I received a bunch of PR to process...huh??! how can I do it without PC. At last naging ok nman nung lunch time kasi imagine kung wala akong PC ng lunch anong gagawin ko sa desk ko?! to read a book yun na lang. After lunch the IT come to my desk again and fix the problem so akala ko ok na until....hay every 5 minutes nagrerestart sya automatically.... parang nakatimer talaga. Super inis na inis na ako talaga cause I have a lot of documents na sa desk ko. And it is very impossible to work on it without PC.

Thursday night is time for shopping or malling, go out with friends or to watch movies with colleagues but me....hay I stayed in the office until 9pm. Ako na lang ang staff sa department na naiwan. I punched out at 9:11pm. The driver called me and told me that he was a bit delayed maybe 10 minutes, until.....lahat na ng mga boss e nagalisan na! In fairness naman to bosses nagoffer naman sila to drop me home but I chose to stay in the office and wait for the driver. I waited for almost 1 hour, mga 9:55 na yata sya dumating. Of course he knows that I am mad. I'm not the type of person who will shout on you if I'm mad or angry, I'd rather choose to be in silence cause I know I will bursts into tears if I will talk to you. He explained every details why it took an hour to pick me up. And I told him that next time kung ano yung sinabi nya yun ang gawin like what he said na 10 mins lang. I know its not his fault maybe that's why also instead of arguing to him I just keep quiet until I felt that my tears are falling. Actually ganon talaga ako 'pag naiinis plus pagod ka pa physically and mentally. When we are already near home may inaabot pa syang biscuits kasi madami daw, sa inis ko siguro kinukwento nya kung sino nagbigay sa kanya pero di ko naintindihan. But kahit inis na inis na ako I politely said thank you pa rin naman.

When I reached home, nobody is there and when I entered our room I saw myself in the mirror; I saw that my face was red and I'm still teary eyed.

I'm glad cause I have Jen & Kuya Jheng who sent simple messages to comfort me.

In times like that when anger on the situation itself occurs and nobody is to blame the only thing we can do is to pray...."Lord ease the anger that I have on my heart and give me peace and comfort"

Kahit hindi ok ang Thursday ko, I know Friday will be a good day for me! did

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