Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"The Singles" at the Vega

Its been a month that we're planning to meet again but due to conflict of schedules and other reasons laging napopostponed and at last on Sunday natuloy rin kami. I'm talking to my "the singles", they are my friends and sibling from one of my bible study group in our church here in Doha, Qatar. But since I transferred other group minsan ko na lang sila nakikita though we exchange emails and messages nman but still mas masarap magkwentuhan kapag in person di ba.
Since M's sisters are now both back in the Philippines, we're down into three na lang - Genie a.k.a. "NG" and Renan a.k.a "Nan"  I love how their names rhymed.
Friends and some colleagues of mine always ask me where here in Doha they can find nice place, good food and at the same time affordable price, its because alam nila that I can find those places. For me kasi aside from the place and food its who with you that matters, I mean mas memorable if you're with someone na gusto mo talagang kasama, parang kahit anong sarap minsan ng food and ganda ng place madali mong makalimutan di ba kasi hindi mo "masyadong" feel ang kasama mo but I know minsan lang mangyari yung mga ganong cases..hahaha.
Join us as we invade the privacy of Beverly Hills Tower.
Its not my first time here in Beverly Tower. The first one is when my Tita Sylvia and Tito Abet gave us a treat for their anniversary and the second one is when I hosted a baby shower for my former colleague. I always advise if new sa inyo yung place don't hesitate to check from their websites or to give them a call sa mga inquiry nyo, mas ok na yung sure kayo sa kung ano mang expectations na dadatnan nyo. Genie gave a call first to Vega Lounge to check some prices. And according to her its affordable. 
The weather is still good, hindi pa ganong ka-humid or kainit dito sa disyerto kaya you can still enjoy outdoor actvities like kwentuhan beside the pool but we chose to go inside of the lounge.
The lounge is located beside their pool area.
It seems na pina-reserved ni Genie for us ang buong place :-) 
The palette of the place is cream and orange. So cozy!  pero since may si Nan is working from a 5stars hotel sabi nya ganda na daw talaga ng setting except using artificial flowers in the table...hahaha.
Vega Lounge is a cafe restaurant not only for the tenants of the tower but they also caters some outsiders including us.  They can also accommodate small meetings or small gatherings. They offer coffee, fresh juices, sandwiches and pizzas, ice cream, etc. But if you prefer a heavy meal, there's still one restaurant beside them.
 I recommend you guys to try the one that I ordered the lime mint fresh juice.
 We ordered chicken ranch pizza. Thumbs up! I love its crust.
And for those who love Sushi, here is their promo...
We preferred to have a pizza and fresh juices only, as we plan to have coffee somewhere after. 
Without minding the time, a light meal become sumptuous because of sharing stories and advices - from relationships, getting married, handling finances and even our personal spiritual growth. Ang sarap magkwentuhan kapag alam mong totoong tao ang kausap mo, you know what I mean, no hesitations to share your views and opinions and to even share your life kasi alam mo that they will not judge you or stab you at the back after the night. And dahil sa sarap ng kwentuhan hindi pa namin halos naubos yung 1 whole pizza, diet ba tayo guys? hahaha. 
Around 10:30 I asked them na tumayo na kasi until 11:00 p.m. lang ang Vega e for sure magpipictorial pa si Gen ..hahaha and aside pwede namang sa poolside na lang namin ituloy ang pagkwekwentuhan.
Here are some of the photos we took...
 Our Official Photographer  :-)
 The Model :-)
Hindi po kami ang subject ni Mr. Photographer, extra lang kami. Ang subject nya ay yung bulaklak ..hahaha
 Ayaw magpaawat ng super model..hahaha
The Happy Single Lady...
The Happy Me

Sometimes being a friend means mastering of timing. There will be a time that you are tired and all you want to do is to rest after work but here comes a friend asking for some of your time. Time is the best expression of love we can give to someone. I think this is the best thing I've learned from past relationships (all kinds) I've been - to have time and to have ears for people especially to those who are really matters with you. If you have time now to meet them and spend some hours with them, do it. Don't take tomorrow do the things that your today can do.
Till next time!

Vega Lounge 
2nd floor Beverly Hills Tower, West Bay Doha, Qatar
Telephone number: 44145751
Timings: 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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