Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Best Critic

I will always be thankful the way I was raised by my parents...
I will always be thankful to those times that my Mom will say "do not do that or this"
I will always be thankful to those days that even I cried hard she will not allow me to go somewhere
I will always be thankful that even it hurts she told me that the clothes, shoes or bag that I have with me doesn't compliment with each other.
I will always be thankful that even she knows someone who can help me to get the job I want yet she just let me to get it on my own
I will always be thankful to those tiring and sleepless night yet she will wake me up at 5:00 in the morning to read the bible and pray.
I will always be thankful for her honesty if my work doesn't seems fine.
I will always be thankful for she's sometimes just silent in giving compliments for my achievements.

I will always be thankful cos in every action she did towards me are for my own good.
If she will only allow me to do whatever I want to do, how can I know the right from the wrong.
If she will allow me to go out with my friends and classmates wherever they go, I will not learn how to value real friendships and even real friends.
If she will let me know that my clothes, shoes or bag doesn't compliment then who will do. I might be able to look like a walking Christmas tree. 
If she will help me in all I need then how can I learn to stand with my feet; how can I know that I can. 
If she will not wake up during our family devotion, I will be lost
If she will not be honest with me even it hurts then how can I know my mistakes and even my weaknesses. 
If she will always give me compliments in everything I may not strive harder to achieve more.

My Mom knows me, she knows when is the right time to talk with me, to give me compliments or to push me a bit. She knows what I want and she knows what I hate. 
I love how she's been the best critic of life because without that constructive criticisms from her I will not be what or who I am today.

I am thankful and blessed to have you in my life Mommy. I love you forever.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!
Keep spreading the love with your family and nurture them with care.

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