Saturday, February 2, 2013

Write, Drop and Store

I love keeping memories! I love reminiscing the happy moments of my life and this "HAPPINESS JAR" is one way of doing it.
It's one way of always reminding us that there is something happened or someone who made our day, who made us happy.

Here are simple steps in doing your own happiness jar:
1. get a clean jar with lid
2. cut pieces of paper and have pen with you; write all the happy moments of the day, fold it and put date on the top of the folded piece of paper
3. personalized your jar - you can put you own picture, favorite quotes or bible verses
4. put it on the place you can see most of the time, so you will always be reminded to write and drop

On the end of the day of the year, open the jar and read the pieces of paper. I'm sure it will make you smile. Its important to constantly remind our self that every day there's always make us happy.

For me being happy is a blessing.
Being with people makes me happy - family, friends, colleagues, and even with the people I don't know personally. I always believe that meeting them is not accident but it God's plan for them to serve me with a purpose.
Having simple things that I really like makes me happy - bag, shoes, journal, dress, books. After working hard, we need to give ourselves a reward :)
Being with people and enjoying time with them makes me happy - a cup of coffee with friend/s, eating with family, fellowship with brethren, playing with kids, reaching out people, giving gifts. Socializing with people and spending time with people really matters to me.

I know there will be a time that those happy moments of my life will vanish on my memory but it will be always be in my heart and stored in my happiness jar :)
Its not about the jar actually but the "happiness" you write, drop, and store on it.

Its not yet late to start! :)
Let's all be happy!
God bless us

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