Monday, December 3, 2012

All I want for Christmas

Christmas is for giving and I guess its for wishing too :)
Wish is only a wish and will be remain wish until someone grants it for us.
This Christmas season let me tell you about my Christmas wishlist, so that you will not be having a hard time to think what presence you'll give (if you are planning to give me) hahaha

JUST FOR FUN but if you will really insist, who am I to refuse :)

I really love pillows i mean throw pillows but aside from Mickey mouse design which I already have, i want something new, decorative design or prints or statement throw pillows.

 I super heart these pillows from ARQ Curtains distributed in all SM OUR HOME outlets nationwide (Philippines).
But if you're here in Doha and thinking to give me decorative or statement pillows you can check Home Center, Home Are Us, or MAXX.

Fashion + Food
If possible I really don't like to receive food as a Christmas present, what I want is something to keep and treasure. And since I'm pretty sure you will not guess my size and even my frame so it will be difficult with you to give me clothes, so instead of giving me those, this book of Jenni Epperson  would be best.

 I guess its a part of growing up or rather growing old? hehehe that I've getting interested on books that tackles lifestyle, crafting and decorating especially houses.
This book is available in National Bookstore (Philippines), but if you can't get one any decorating books will do, here in Doha you can find it in Jarrir Bookstore or Virgin Megastore in Landmark / Villagio mall.

Painting Materials
I don't have any formal training in painting, I never tried it even once but I really want to give it a try. I always told to myself that I will try it and I will buy materials to start but until now still not yet. When I met Xen mas nainspire ako to paint especially when I saw all her paintings displayed all over her house - living room, dining, rooms of her kids and mostly she used it for a caused like when she donated her paintings to help.

I always reason out to myself that I don't have time for this one but 2013 I will really make sure that I will try it or to be more sure give me materials as your Christmas present :) All I need are canvass (of any size), set of brushes, acrylic paints. Available in Jarrir Bookstore, City Centre (i just forgot the name of the store), Al Rawnaq or National Bookstore if you're in Philippines :)
Memorabilia's Keeper
I am a sentimental kind of person, I am keeping old letter giver to me even decade ago, and the oldest stuff stored in my present memorabilia's box is a stationery pad given to me by my elementary friend Maricris Rivera when we were on our 5th grade. I love stationery that's why I have a lot of it I'm keeping since my school days. 

You can find the exact design as above in Regalong Pambahay at 1,000.00 PHP but here in Doha you can find it in many stores such as City Lifestyle in Centrepoint mall or in City Centre branch, Al Shaheen Department Store, Al Rawnaq, much cheaper here in Doha and there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from, you can buy it aroung 75QR here.

Decorative Boxes / Drawers
I have a lot things and "abubots" but I make it sure that I properly put my things into places. I have few storage plastic boxes for my accessories but I think its not yet enough (not only for my accessories) for my other things. I remember Daddy told me na dapat daw ang magiging asawa ko tanggap na marami akong gamit from bags, magazines, shoes, accessories and willing sya na ipagpagawa ako ng mga cabinets or to have a part in a room that's only for my things...hahaha, well guys its a hint,hahaha..

The colorful and uniqueness of designs and styles, the better. It comes on different sizes too :) Available in City Lifestyle, Centrepoint and to Al Rawnaq Trading Complex, Airport Road. In Philippines you can check to leading bookstores, craft stores or in Papemelrotti :)

Used clothes and other stuffs, foods, your time
Its my 5th year this coming December 20, 2012 to join in reaching out our Filipino distressed kababayans here in Qatar. I strongly believed that we don't need to be rich in order to help what we need is a cheerful giving heart - isang pusong may galak magbigay. I consider myself  na super bless, not only for having ,material things that I have but having people who are dear to me, I am bless because I can sleep peacefully every night, I can eat on time, I have my freedom. And one way to thank God for all the blessings He showered and continue showering on me is to share my blessings, give my love and time and reach out others.

If you have used clothes, shoes or bags or any other stuffs in good condition you can just donate it, mapapakinabangan na may napasaya ka pa :) We are also accepting toiletries such as sanitary napkin, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc. as well as foods like noodles, canned goods or any food that you may bring.
I am also knocking on your heart to help and support as well other good deeds project of my friends. Lets share, give, reach out: give love on Christmas day!

Its the love that sealed with those gifts matters - its still the thought that counts.Gifts doesn't need to be expensive to be appreciated, sometimes little things are much appreciated because of the sincerity and the effort of finding it. If you know the person to whom you will give the gift, it will be easier for you to find because you know even the little things that makes his/her happy. We have different likes and personality, in giving gifts we must consider the receiver not ourselves.

All I want for Christmas is you...

I am grateful and really thankful for the people I have in my life; people who surrounds me; people who comforts me; people who let me feel that I am loved and cared. I can have those listed things even on my own pocket but the I cannot buy all the love, care, comfort and friendship you gave to me. I am not perfect, I have my own weaknesses and faults, I hope you will continually to have patience in me and you'll remain who you are to me. And if there will be time that you think I am not acting nor doing right things, remind me on what right should I do. The year is not yet on its last day but I am looking forward to share, spend with you not only Christmas but a whole year round of happiness, love, and friendship. Yes, all I want for Christmas is you - yes its you :)


  1. Does anyone told u that u are "pretty"? Long time i have it on my mind but i fear on telling u. lalo na nung nag-share c ate ela mo tungkol dun sa message ng pastor na kung gusto mo bumagsak ang isang pastor, purihin mo cya nang purihin & he will end up bragging it on his own. But God intervenes all time, made me change my mind & be grateful & vocal to show people the appreciation they needed so that they would feel loved too. Yes, honestly, You Are pretty inside & out...& i'm so thankful to our Lord above for letting us see people like u who manifest almost all of the good characters of being a good christian. Ate Caren admires you a lot on having those strength, courage & love for others which you naturally posseses without any pretention. To God all the Glory & honor for all the wonderful people like you who have compassionate heart towards other people. Continue to shine like Jesus & May the joy of knowing Him fill our hearts with happiness & peace...(Psalm143:3-8)

  2. Thank you so much po ate Caren, napaiyak naman talaga ako sa comment mong ito. Thank you po for these compliments much more for being family to me here in Doha. To God be the glory po talaga sa lahat ng mga nagagawa ko kasi hindi ko talaga magagawa lahat yon without Him in my life. Continue to include me on your prayer na patuloy akong bigyan ni Lord ng strength, courage, and desires na patuloy Nyang magamit sa pag-reach out sa mga tao. God bless us


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