Sunday, June 3, 2012

6 Years and Still Counting

Happy SIX years!
Thank you Lord for another year of blessings staying here in Doha,  Qatar.
Thank you for all the people who walked and still walking with me on my journey.
Thank you Tita Sylvia for sharing your blessings to us,  for letting us be in this country as well - for your love, care and guidance and for keeping me like your own daughter.
Thank you Balita family, na kahit nagdaan yung times na siksikan na tayo sa bahay sa dami natin, oo masaya pero lets admit never let us feel uneasy. During those times that I'm still looking for work and encountered some problems in my visa, you let me feel how much you really care for me. You never give up to encourage me and be positive as always. An endless gratitude to all of you.
Thank you Doha family, for the love and care and because of you homesickness is lessen =D Thank you my Pinas family, cousins and titas and titos for even in simplest way of sending something here, you let me feel that we're always love and remembered.
Thank you Tito Manding and Tita Neneth, for being one the person I look up to. For your advices and encouragements.
Thank you Kuya Matt and Ate Liezel for being good to me and for sharing not only your house but your home. Thank you Aleeza for making Tita Jen laugh especially when I am tired and I need someone to cheer me up. You are my "ms.tickle". Thank you Darwin, not only for being a housemate but for being a friend.
For six years, I truly earned so many friends here in Qatar. They are one of the few gems I have in my life. I want to mention all of your names but I'd rather not baka kasi may makalimutan..hehehe. You know who you are. Thank you for being good to me  - for  the friendship, love, and care that you imparted to me. I always say "may mga nawala, may mga tumalikod, may mga andito lang naman pero parang wala pero mas maraming nadagdag" I'm thankful to the people I have in my life at this moment, you are really worthy to have and treasured.
Thank you to my BS Manoura Group for continuously molding me, for your love and care, for the fellowships - super thank you that my Thursday is really worth it kahit puyat =)
Thank you to my QICM (Qatar International Christian Ministries) Family for the spiritual growth you are continuously imparting to me, for molding me not only to be a good person but to be a tough Christian. "One day in the house of God is better than a thousand days in the world" thankful and blessed I found you.
Thank you sa mga friends ko sa Philippines and other part of the world =). Even though we're miles away from each other ramdam na ramdam ko pa rin how warm your friendship, love, care and concern to me. Even though we have several hours difference from each other, it doesn't matter to you, isang text, isang tawag, isang email ko lang you responded immediately. Maraming maraming thank you sa inyong lahat.
Thank you to my family for being my inspiration especially in times that I want to give up. Thank you Lord for giving me a bonded family - a loving one. Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Bj & Len and even to JB and JJ. Thank you for even I am away you let me feel that we're only few steps away. You're my inspiration and reason why I am away. I  know in times we will be together again.
Thank you Doha for adopting me for 6 years and I know you will continuously shower and share me your blessings. Thank you for you've been good to me!
Thank you Lord, siksik, liglig at umaapaw na 6 na taon. Thank you very much for all the blessings. All the highest thanksgiving and praises is to you alone.
And as I walk to another year, continue to bless me O God and plant in my heart the desires that according to Your will alone.

*Before I finish this post, I had a chance to go out for lunch in the office - treat for myself =D

Thank you SUPERFRIENDS Louie, Kuya Ham, Nelson, Jane, Irene, Paulo, and Marvin.


  1. Happy six years sis!! parang kelan lang ano? ganyan pala talaga pag nasa ibang bansa, ang bilis ng panahon at oras... pero worthy naman! ^_^

    Praying for continuous strength and zealousness as you serve God in Doha...

    Thanks for being a blessing! :)

    1. thank you sis :)
      oo nga parang kelan lang na bitter ako for a failed relationship na halos araw araw umiiyak until dumating ang sagot ni Lord, umalis ako papuntang Doha...hindi naging madali lahat, ang daming naging struggles and problems but God is really good...He used those things to prepare me para maging masa matibay at matapang ako and most of all para mas lalo akong mapalapit sa Kanya at magtiwala sa Kanya.
      Let's pray each other sis :)
      God bless you
      You're a blessing to me also :)


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