Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Honesty & Trust

I had a very busy weekend last Friday, June 15, 2012. I had only 3 hours and 30 minutes sleep till Friday. And its all worth it. I ended my Friday talking with my friend for almost 8 hours on video call - well thanks Facebook, its actually my first time to try it. Thanks FB for making million miles seems few steps behind and for making 7 hours time difference like we're just in same time zone :))
That 8 hours of talking and chatting with him, moved me in a way especially those issues regarding life and relationships. I was really moved when he asked me about my past relationship, well that's the reason behind of this blog, I'm kinda affected? in a way as I examined and analyzed myself how all it was and how am I today. 
These are some of the issues that really made me think *_^

"Patingin ng pic ni ex boyfriend?"
Well I do have a hard copy but I am thinking where I put that. I don't have any soft copy anymore. It's been 6 years already and if there's one thing I have with my ex its the friendship that I will always treasure - nothing more! And aside the last time I talked to him is 2008 pa just to greet me on my birthday and to give me a piece of advice not to marry someone I don't really know. Another thing that will always be remind me of him is the most beautiful stolen picture that I have and I really do treasure.
I'm really thankful I had this picture :) This was taken May 2005 in one food chain in SM Batangas City, captured only by cellphone but since the person who captured this one is professional photographer, it turned out as good as this. Only after two years since the picture was taken,when I learned that I have this kind of pic. Buti na lang binigay nya pa rin at di pa nadelete *_^ Thanks Jerome!

"Bakit hindi ka ulit magtiwala, it doesn't mean naman na what happened before will happen again?"
That really stuck me. People usually misunderstood me na dahil I'm not in the relationship I am not yet move on or I'm still afraid to trust again, well its not that way.
Honestly, I'm enjoying my singlehood but it doesn't mean that my door is "closed" for anyone. Maybe I'm just taking some considerations but it doesn't mean that I don't want to be in a relationship already. 
Trust but verify. People usually misunderstood when we are trying to ask questions and sometimes interrogation to know something, they are telling "you don't trust me" - verification and not trusting is different.
Lets put in this way, when someone you know for quiet sometimes ask you to marry him, will you immediately say "yes" and plan ahead. Of course, you will try to reach possible people that can give you deeper and more information kung sino yung papakasalan mo - and the best is the family.  I admit when it comes to relationship practices (from courting to marrying siguro) I am still in old fashioned side.
Honesty and trust are must. They are two different thing but they should always go together. 
I love this picture I found last night ..

 For those who can't practice and live with HONESTY and TRUST please do not be in a relationship, you will just ruin one life.

Am I move on?
Yes I am. I am very thankful to the Lord that He healed all the wounds of the past and renew my heart.  Now, I am ready to take chances again, I know all things will not be in an ideal order but I already proved to myself that in growing up, heartaches and pains are part of it.
You don't need to be in a hurry in taking into a relationship - you need to be sure. When you commit to someone you must have a perspective that it will be a lifetime commitment, so if you are not sure about yourself better to be out as soonest, as you're both wasting the time for each other.
I am  "still few years" more from my "timeline" and for some its "only few years"  but whatever tomorrow may offer what I want is to be the best of what I can - whether single, in a relationship, married 'wag lang complicated =)

Thanks for a good chat!

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