Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I heart Wednesday 30.05.12

It's Wednesday!
It's a good day!
As I've always said there's always a good thing in every day. The day didn't welcome you in the way you wanted but believe me it still a good day in the end; there's always something to treasure, if you will open your heart to appreciates.
I almost welcome "my Wednesday" in the street, not literally in the street :) I mean inside the car. I left the office late and reach the house almost midnight.
And to be detailed I started my Wednesday ironing the clothes to wear the next day after few hours coz its already midnight. Checked my mail and received message from my cousin in Hawaii - Ate mae, and as this moment I was not able to get back on her message but I will....
I ended my Tuesday but its already Wednesday (confusing) in prayer. Let me share you a part of it...

"Lord thank you for blessing me today...ramdam na ramdam ko po how you really love me, salamat sa mga taong nasa paligid ko, for making everything go smoothly despite of my busy schedules. Thank you for keeping me safe as well as my family in the Philippines as well as my loved ones and friends. Super dami ko pong ipinagpapasalamat sa Inyo. It's Wednesday na po and I claimed it my surprise ka po ulit sa akin....continue to bless me and give strength, comforts me and give me JOY...."

I had my breakfast in the table alone. I 'm used to it as I needed to get it early. A cup of black coffee and two slices of loaf bread usually filled up my stomach every morning but today I had this one...

Thanks Ate Maribel :)

Having "siestas" (chicka with my mom as in anything under the sun lang) with my mom. Kung ano -ano lang, light usapan and kwentuhan. Sabi nga ng daddy ko one time "para lang kayong magkapitbahay kung magusap" Thanks to the new technology from cellphone to internet, all things are near, as I've always said "ang malayo malapit na rin". She told me that she and Daddy will go to SM. I miss going to the mall with them. Even I am a grown up, I'd still choose to be with them than to any other especially in shopping :)
I really really miss my family way back home but I need to fight and heal myself to homesickness. Thank you Lord for always comforting me.

I feel that the sun is smiling at me! The sunny day and the bright sky seems to tell how bless I am as I continue to watch the deserted part of the way heading to office. I feel so bless that I was able to have a green pasteur in the desert place of Doha, Qatar. This is not my ideal country to work to but I am super thankful I am here now.

LSS:  Walk by me; Walk by me across the lonely road of everyday.Take my arms and let your hand show me the way. Show the way to live inside your love.Lead me Lord. All my life...
Lead me Lord. Even though at times I'd rather go along my way. Help me take the right direction.Take your road. Lead me Lord and never leave my side. All my days, all my life.....You are my life. You're the lamb upon my feet. All the time, my Lord, I need you there. You are my life. I cannot live alone. Let me stay by your guiding love. All through my life. Lead me Lord

I heard those paper greets me as loud as those bold letters..hahaha

 *right and left view pa lang yan, my rear view pa :))

I always think if those papers /documents are not with me I will not be here....what for the company will hire me. My present company is my bread and butter for almost 6 years. I have my own sentiments on them but still I am grateful to them for so many reasons.
And because today is my favorite day, no room for stress *_^

"Umuulan ng pagpapala" as the song from Faith Music Manila goes....

Simple blessings no matter how little it is becomes huge when appreciated

Fresh lumpia from Kuya Jun D. - Thanks Kuya

First article I read today:
Super amazing talaga! I read so many article about the project but still I am overwhelm with joy and tears, kinikilabutan pa rin ako na parang hindi makapaniwala that it will really go that far.... Thank you talaga Kcat and Yarza family for giving me and other Doha cheerful givers a chance to be a part of this gift giving. 

Before I finish this post, I received an email from Kcat:

Dear Cheerful Givers of DOHA, Qatar,

Thank you so so so much for sharing your love with us. I really really really appreciate it. 'Til next yearsss, right? Take care & God bless!

♥Kcat Yarza

Today, my plan to go out the office earlier than usual is already settled - harangan man ng sibat I will go out the office at 6:00 p.m. its because of this:


An invitation from SUPERFRIEND MARVIN - pre birthday celebration!
Another treasured moments na hindi kailangan palampasin *_^

Happy happy Birthday MARVIN!
God bless you more and more "siksik, liglig, at umaapaw"

Be thankful everyday in everything you have - whether its a good or not so good things/people/or circumstances you are facing. ALL OF THOSE ARE BLESSINGS. Appreciates what you have and even those that you haven't. Isipin mo na lang hindi ikaw ang sarili mo ngayon kung wala or meron man ng mga bagay na 'yon.

Happy Wednesday
God bless

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