Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Musings on Wednesday - 23.05.12

I am really excited since yesterday and I don't really know the exact reason why - all I know its Wednesday after Tuesday :), its Wednesday today!
Here's my random thoughts, encounters, and realizations on the half of my Wednesday.

* early morning May 23 read one post of Simplicity Truth, the gist: Stay simple even you already achieve what you want in life. Be humble

* "Not all who are wandering are lost" 
Oo naman baka namamasyal lang ..hehehe

* breakfast with Aleeza
Aleeza: Tita, what's that? (pointing on my cup)
Me: Coffee
A: That's bad for you
M: Nope, according to the latest article that I read, COFFEE is GOOD for our body but we must only consume up to maximum of 5 cups a day.
A: Really? so you must do (drinking) it fast so after one cup then another

Since I was not sure to the number of cup of coffee to take I read it again, and says:
"Still health experts don't recommend overdoing your coffee intake. The US-based Mayo Clinic suggests no more than two to four cups a day, since more than that can cause insomnia, upset stomach, and anxiety."

Hahaha...well, I'm wrong saying that 5 cups is fine, hmmm...just trying to justify myself in taking more than 4 cups a day (sometimes)

To read the whole article: Coffee lovers may live longer. And it reminds me of my cousins in the Philippines when I just recently saw their picture in Starbucks. From 3 years old to 30 is a coffee lover or should I say SB addicts *_^...well coffee time is a bonding with benefits

* "Cause I close my eyes thinking of ways to realize, how it is for me to see you go"

* "ang ganda mo" - hazel / me: "mas maganda ka"
receiving and giving compliments sincerely can make your morning bright :)

* Life is a matter of choices. Choosing happiness over anger is one of them - Inspiration -

* "pag dami ng working experiences, mas mataas ang mga salary offers" - Mommy
True, naisip ko tuloy parang antique items lang mas luma mas mataas ang presyo ^_^

*  Sandstorm strikes Doha again, while enjoying the music of Hillsong while traveling going to office, I saw a flying white plastic and the first thing enters into my mind parang tao din lang....may mga tao din na kung saan na lang liparin ng kung anong meron sila doon na lang pumupunta. LIFE is a CHOICE. Each of us are given the FREE WILL to live in whatever way we want that's why we cannot blame others if we fail from the choice we choose.

* I'm craving for CHEESE STICKS!

For the meantime I will enjoy first my lunch - "palabok"

My Wednesday is not yet over and I know there's something MORE!

Happy Wednesday!
Enjoy and be blessed *_^


  1. Happy Wednesday Sis!

    For me, Wednesday is always a great day because it is Cell Group day!

    So inspiring..

    Yes everything is choice! It's up to us how to stick with that choice we made... :)

    God bless!! mwaah!

    1. Happy Wednesday too Sis!
      Wow talaga, then you and your Wednesday is really bless :)
      Thanks sis for always dropping here
      Take care always.
      God bless..mwahhh


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