Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trained by Kids

I love being with kids.
I love playing with them, doing some stuffs with them, cuddling and hugging them. Their world seems nothing to worry - they can speak whatever they want not minding who is the person they are talking; they can ask anything they want without thinking if it will be given to them; they can cry whenever they want and easily pacified.
Sometimes I am wishing and hoping I could be a child again but when I face the reality instead of being a child again why not to be a "mother like" to them.
Last Friday, February 10, 2012 I was given a chance to be surrounded again by cute little angels. A friend and a former officemate of mine invited me to join on her son's first birthday, although I have no child as I am still single, she insisted not to miss the party. I bring with me Aleeza and Erika since I want them to enjoy their weekend outside the house. I am their guardian for the day - its sounds like easy to take care a 7 & 5 years old girls but its not ^_^.

The dashing birthday boy. - PAUL
Happy Birthday Pauly!

I don't have young sister nor any niece, I have two nephews but still little girls are still different especially in being fashionistas compare to a young boy who will just wear pants or shorts + t-shirts, shoes and that's it. One of the reason why I love little girls is the way they are dressed up...I find it really cute.

my cutie fashionista inaanak - Paulene Dominique, wearing a red outfit on that day (red tutu skirt, red blouse, red shoes, and a pink denim jacket with a red design at the back)

another inaanak of mine, Danica wearing a tan color dress, glittery brown doll shoes and a pink hair band with butterfly that compliments to the color of her dress. She looks so dainty and "dalaga" on her dress.
Erika (left) and Aleeza (right) preferred to wear a sporty outfit - shorts + blouse/shirt + rubber shoes. They look nice on it and they can really move easily as they played the game and go on the rides.

As I entered to the party hall with my two alaga, my friends are asking where did I get those kids, and as I explained one of them said " training na yan" :)
After few hours being with the kids and being their "mother like", here are some of the lessons I've learned:
1. They are kids and they must be treated as kids. You must talk to them softly yet firm so they can understand what you're trying to say.
2. Be sure that before you leave the house, you already let them know and understand what are the do's and don't s on the place or occasion that you'll going to attend.
3. Let them sit with their fellow kids and encourage them to make friends with others.

4. Don't forget to bring with you some toiletries that they might need (wet wipes, tissue, hand sanitizers, etc). There's a tendency that they will mess up especially when they eat.

5. Allowed them to eat by themselves, in such a way they can learn how to be independent but still supervise them even in afar.

 6. Allowed them to join in games, it will develop their  self confidence.

7. Trust them to care themselves but still give them supervision.

8. Be patient. Bring with you a high dosage of patience.
9. Enjoy
10. Be a child like while you're with them but never be a childish.

It's another charged to experience to be a "mother like" even in a few hours in two "kulilits". It's tiring but its happy and fulfilling knowing that I am a single woman yet I can managed to take care two "hyper" girls. I enjoyed so much being with them, looking forward to take them with me again on future children's party. And to all single men & women out there, I am encouraging you to bring kid/s (either niece/nephew, flatmates child,inaanak or whoever) with you when someone invites you to a children's party, trust me you'll enjoy the experience to be a "parent like".
Parang nagOJT lang - thanks for the training kids!
Till next time kids!

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