Friday, February 17, 2012

Speak to Me

I have so many things in my mind...
I have so many emotions that I want to come out...
But I don't know how to start it all
Thank you for Your reminders Lord....
I know and truly hold on to the message You sent to me this morning
I know through You I can do more;
I can reach more people;
I can be selfless and humble according to Your will;
I want to serve You likewise others
Thank You for reminding me the first and greatest commandment as well as the second.
I know it will take a lot of everything for me but with You nothing is impossible,
Lord, I want to hear Your voice -
Speak to me once more,
Speak to me clearly,
Speak for Your servant is listening....
You know my heart,
Delight my heart that it may beat & desire according to Your will
I entrust to You may everything
Prepare me and equip me with Your power
That I may continuously walk and follow You;
That You are the one who will be seen in me;
That You alone will be lifted.
Thank You for everything
Thank You for my life
Thank You for the salvation
I am nothing with out You, Lord
I want to hear Your voice everyday of my life...
Speak to me and I will listen Lord

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