Monday, February 13, 2012

The Colors of my V - Day

Few hours left and its gonna be what they called "HEARTS DAY"
For many, they are considering V Day as an occasion for couples or lovers only. But not all do; coz even when I still have a boyfriend I don't really go on a date on February 14, not because I don't want to celebrate hearts' day but because of some petty things, here are some that I usually heard from those couples/partners that don't usually go out on February 14.

1. In Philippines, matraffic pag February 14, masikip ang parking sa mga malls.
2. Fully booked ang mga restaurants or kung may makita ka man hindi naman yon ang prefer mong kainan.
3. Usually there's a party / group dates sa office, so the many the merrier.
4. I am giving way to those na V Day lang ang chance nila to date so 'wag ng makipagsiksikan pa.
5. You never know kung sinong lovers/couple ang makakasalubong mo baka mamaya in not so good terms pa kayo at instead na compliment ang ibigay mo sa kasama nya e puro criticism ang ibigay mo.

I am single for some years but I am excited every February 14 is coming. I am thankful that I have my family and friends who always extend their care and let me feel how much they love me. Every year there's always something to look forward on V Day and this year I know it will be as special as the previous years.

2008 My Green V Day
Everyone closed to me knows that green is my favorite color so its not new for them to see me wearing in full green from my top to my accessories. 
Green on V day? 

Here's my self explanation: Green in the traffic light signifies as "GO" and red as "STOP". Singles are always on the go since they have no baggage to carry with them unlike the married ones that there are things to be considered - its either the wife/ husband and children as well. When the light is green you can take any chances and opportunities you have and since you are single you are free to go out with someone.

 I spent my 2008 V Day with friends as we celebrated the first birthday of my first inaanak in Doha named Aleexie.

2009 My Pink V Day
I seldom wear pink and I have only limited pink color of top, not because I'm not into that color but for me its too feminine and "nene". Pink in psychology is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be ok.

My 2009 Valentines Day maybe is one of the most memorable valentine I ever had. Ate Rebecca, the secretary that was given to me by my boss was diagnosed of breast cancer and was confined in the hospital that time. Instead of having something special for my self  I chose to spend with Ate, to extend the care and to assure that there are so many people who loves her. I learned so many things from her when we are having our kwentuhan. I know even few hours I let her know that we really care & love her. March 16 of the same year Ate passed away.

On our visit to Ate Rebecca at Rumailah Hospital with my colleagues & friend - Ate Bing & Jen D.

2010 My Black V Day
Contrary to what others say black for me is "flexible" color, I can wear it without worrying if it will match to other combination. Black is the color that can fit into any design to add contrast, and make the other color stand out more.
Without any plan a colleague and friend Marvin just invited us a bit late for a dinner - just to celebrate together with our other friends - SUPERFRIENDS. A simple invitation became a fine dining dinner.

After the dinner treat by Marvin we started to drop others to their houses but when they saw the Krisppy Kreme outlet near our house we agreed to have coffee to end the night.

2011 My Rainbow Valentines Day
Whenever I am wearing a printed / colorful top and people around noticed it I will promptly say "makulay ang buhay ....parang life ko makulay". 

Last year  I was very busy and didn't plan anything because I know it will not prosper because of my workloads. And since my circle of friends in the office didn't organize any plan as well because of busyness, we decided to stay in the office. Its late already when my friends in the department decided why not to take late dinner in the nearest Pizza restaurant in the office. Gotcha around 9:30 p.m. we left the office and had our Vday dinner.
Tired and exhausted from work but still relieved by each others comfort and of course by the yummy foods.
Tomorrow is V Day and I'm still single - HAPPILY SINGLE . No worries on how people will start to tease me how can I celebrate it, all I know is I AM HAPPY and  the love that I received from my family and friends is enough for me  to have a great Valentines day.
While I'm doing this post, one colleague told me "Valentines day bukas, sadness day na naman para sa mga singles" I interrupt her immediately, "of course not" because me personally I didn't experience to be lonely on V Day then she asked me how, I answered "I am blessed with family and friends who always let me feel that I am not alone and that somebody cares, loves, and comforts me. And when they are enough for me not to feel the coldness of V Day"
Valentines Day is for everyone; not only for the couple or partners but even for the single one. This is the day to enjoy your singleness having a group date - the many the merrier, the memorable!
Make everyday a valentines day. Let people who closed to your heart feel that you care and love them. Make every moment with them special.
Give love and it will be given to you as well.
Have a great V- day!

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