Friday, January 1, 2010

Slice of my 2009

Every moments must be treasured whether good or bad ...
Life offers different tastes or flavors...sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter
Pero kahit ano pang flavor meron ang buhay it must treasured & cherished...
Masarap magreminisce...nakakatuwang balikan yung mga ups & downs na nagyari sa 2009.
Let me share you my flavor of the month
JANUARY : Breaking the Pattern
Every new year we always in red, si Mommy ayaw pa ng basta red kelangan talaga plain red at kung wala ka she will ask you to buy or pinapahiram nya ako. But 2009 is really a "new" year for us coz for the first time we break the rules, instead of wearing red we switched into yellow gold color. And since lahat sila e may ganong kulay as in bumili pa ako sa SM (ang mahal kaya..hehehe) just to be in uniform with them

FEBRUARY: A Valentine to Remember
Its sad to see how sick Ate Rebecca in di ko ineexpect na pagbalik ko sa office e ganon kagrabe ang sakit nya. February 14 is Valentine's Day and for me its just an ordinary day, kung magcelebrate man ako ng VDay I celebrate it with my cousins and friends, but 2009 was really different I celebrated it with Ate Rebecca in the hospital.

MARCH: My Month
I really love March, of course this is my birth month so I consider this month as my special month. But March 2009 has a bitter sweet taste on my memory up to now. March 9 is my birthday and usually when someone is having a birthday in the office nalalaman ng lahat but I am exempted..hehehe. I have only one wish that time, ang maging mabuti si Ate Rebecca para at least she can go home na sa Pinas to be with her daughter. On the same day around 3:00pm the hospital phoned us telling that she was in comma. I don't know how to react super naiyak na ako at di makausap. And maybe up to now its still fresh to me coz while writing this blog can't help to feel the same & shed tears again. Although I'm thinking of her I need to be strong and continue to work. Around 6:30 p.m an IM popped up from unknown account until I found out that he is from my past whom I didn't talk for 2 years yata, happy naman kasi at least naalala nya birthday ko. On the evening I celebrated my birthday with Ate Rebecca at the ICU together with my 2 bosses (na walang kaalamalam na birthday ko). March 16, 2009, ate took her graceful exit on earth. March 20, 2009, me & my cousin Eeyah celebrated our birthday here in Doha.

And another birthday treat from my boss on March 26, 2009...I was really surprise pati mga kaadepartment ko kakutchaba.

APRIL: Head Over Heels
I'm thinking up to now kung pano nakaya ng powers ko ang dami ng workload ko that time. Ang naalala ko lang is ang isang tambak na mga documents sa desk ko plus sa desk na katabi ko (occcupied by Ate Rebecca before).

MAY: Wishful Summer
Super miss na miss ko na ang summer sa Pinas....ang halo-halo, going to beaches with my friends, family and relatives...hay how I wish I can spend again summer sa Pinas, and even the summer fashion there...kaya naman I'm always telling na sa magbabakasyon ako sa summer so I can experience those things again. Dahil sa super miss ko na ang summer escapade when our department hosted the staff party super ginawang cheering ang theme para at least feel pa rin ang summer.

JUNE: The Revelation Begins
Hindi ako ganong kagaling na maging shock absorber kaya naman when my boss Sato san told me that he will be leaving the office for good super napaiyaka ako in front of him. Ganon pala ang feeling even di ko naman sya relative pero if you really close to a person di mo mapipigilan na maiyak and bothered ka na aalis sya. I kept that as a secret until Sato san directly inform my colleagues...parang namatayan talaga ang department namin pero sabi nga its sad but its true....
JULY: See You Soon (but when?)
If we can only hinder the time..hay ginawa just for him (Sato san) to stay. But we need to accept the fact that he will leave us and the only thing we can do is to give him the best of farewell that he can treasure forever. Ganon siguro kalakas ang persuassive power ko kaya lahat nangyari according sa plan. And I'm really thankful sa cooperation & help ng mga officemates ko. If there's one party in my life as this moment "Sato san's @ his best" ang pinaka napagbuhusan ko ng time & effort. Hindi ko ineexpect after doing & hosting his party na ganon sya kabuting tao..although I know it mas lalo tumaas ang respeto ko sa kanya...until now I can't help to miss him & to cry everytime na maaalala ko sya & how he treated everyone as his own children.

AUGUST: Welcome to Reality
The department is like in mourning...there must be a party to welcome our new boss! But how can I organize such thing if I myself has a resistance inside of me.
This month my dad & mom celebrated their 29th year of marriage. I owe them a lot and as I've always saying I'm willing to give & do anything to make them happy. Hay...super namimiss ko na sila.

Once again naipakita ulit ng mga Pinoy how united we are. During former President Cory's burial nakita ng buong mundo how Filipino give thanks to her by accompanying her remain. Obviously I'm one of those who really appreciates her, as in I send email parang nangangampanya to wear yellow...binibiro tuloy ako ng mga officemates ko na pamangkin daw ako ni Pres. Cory...and I'm always replying yes to them.

SEPTEMBER: Be A Cheerful Giver
After watching all the news & seeing the pictures how typhoon Ondoy washed out large part of Philippines sobrang naging emotional talaga ako. I know for others it may sounds or look OA but super naiiyak talaga ako everytime i see how in just a snap lahat na pinaghirapan nila e nawala; that incident became a wake up call on me. "If others can why can't I?". Through the help of some of my colleagues & closed friends sa office I was moved to initiate a relief operations for victims of Ondoy. Once again, naipakita muli ng mga Pilipino how cheerful giver we are in reaching out our needy kababayans.

OCTOBER: Pre Christmas Celebration
Christmas is fast approaching but the spirit is really early on this month. We were able to send all the donations that we collected on our relief operation. I know na aside sa nakatulong na kami sa ating mga kababayan sa Pilipinas, this operations became an outlet to revived friendships and to open new friendships to some of my colleagues.

Early Christmas celebration talaga,super nasuprise kami when Sato san's had a business trip in Doha, kaya kahit naman I'm sick di ko pinalagpas ang dinner with him. He's really one of a kind!

NOVEMBER: Feel the coldness of the season
Cold season really excites me but 2009 is different. Aside from literally its not cold this year, I have an advance thinking on how can I survive the "Christmas blues" and knowing that the season itself will add it up.
Since were not able to attend the surprise birthday party of Mama Norma, we just shoot a video and send it back in Philippines. And what to expect while taking that videos...e di ano pa kundi iyakan blues.

DECEMBER: Time to shine
This is my first time after 2006 to celebrate the holidays away from my family. Dahil most of my colleagues will go to vacation, we had an early Christmas Party.

Its not my first time to host a party kahit pa sa office or san man. But for the first time I hosted a party na iba't ibang lahi. No practice, and thanks na nagawa talaga namin.We celebrated the Christmas at Tito & Tita's house, since wala kahit isang umuwi sa amin for vacation sa Pinas, we enjoyed each other company.

While New Year's Eve we celebrated here in our house. ..and as New Year's practice back to red again kami.

2009 became a fruitful year for me. I'm thankful for all the blessing that God showered on me as well as to my family. Every time na nagrereminisce I can't help to cry...not because I'm that sad or lonely..its just because nakikita ko how fortunate I am having my life now. There are times na I'm always giving up but God is really good to comfort me.
I claimed it by faith that 2010 will be god for me or should I say..better year for me.

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