Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Day Rest

Maybe due to climate change and stressful working environment nagkasakit ako. Sabi nga ng officemate ko na si Kuya Junjun "jen bumigay na rin ang katawang lupa mo?". Since last Saturday I'm not feeling well but I ignore it and telling to myself that I will be fine. Most of my co-departments knows that I cannot stand a hot temperature due to my astma & allergies. And since we changed our desk location, although most of my officemates are saying that I got the best location kasi may privacy, I can do anything on my PC...alam nyo na chatting pero di ako nagchachat during office hours so hindi ako natutuwa sa new desk location ko..I'm always replying them "ang init kaya dito,ang layo ko na sa AC tapos yung isang AC laging nakaoff". I don't know kung bakit kelangan iturnoff ng Lebanese kong officemate ang AC while everyone around him is complaining na mainit and one of my Indian officemate naman always lower down the other AC. Take a bath everyday so you will not feel hot! And bring jacket with you so if you feel cold you have it with you. "We don't have any means to feel cold except to turn on the AC so you must the one who needs to adjust". Super nakakastress na araw araw e yan ang sasabihin ko sa kanya so I ask my officemate Kuya Jun to buy a deskfan for me so at least may outlet pa rin ako to feel cold even mahina or patay ang AC. After 2 days I noticed na hindi na ok yung cough ko, I even loose my voice not totally naman pero namalat talaga ako. I decided to go to Apollo Clinic to have checkup kasi walang epekto yung mga medicines na binigay ng nurse sa clinic, and buti na lang gabi ako nagpunta kasi there is a Filipina doctor na pala so mas kampante ako sa mga gamot na ipapainom nya sa akin. How many times I told to my officemates na di ako papasok the next day pero the next day I still come to office kaya naman lagi nila ako tinatanong "o kaya pa ba? take your sick leave kasi, di mauubos yang trabaho mo". I worked until Thursday, I even left at office late 9:00 pm I think, Friday naman so I can take rest. I have fever that night and my cough pa rin ako pero hindi na ganong kagrabe. Naisip ko its Friday and I my worship service. Honestly, mejo nagtalo ang utak ko if I will go to worship service the following day kasi nga I'm not really feeling well. I don't know pero bigla ko naalala ang blog ni Joanne na 2 hours nga lang out of 24hours di pa maibigay kay Lord and added pa is nung mabasa ko yung blog nya on "name that tune" and I saw yung #2 song "Dakilang Katapatan" na everytime na naririnig ko I am reminded how faithful God is to His promises. Thanks to Holy Spirit that I was touched and yeah I attended the worship service and I am really really blessed . Although during Praise & Worship umatake na naman ang ubo ko but I'm in the house of the Lord so I told Him..."Lord heal me I want to praise & give thanks to You". I was able to sing for Him and focused on His words without bothering by the itchy throat. Part of my prayers are the worries I have to my work, and instantly He gave me the answer, to take a rest and take care myself. So here I am taking my rest...this time without asking by anyone na magpahinga ako, nagsick leave ako. I take rest for one day and although alam ko na bukas pagpasok ko puno ang desk ko ng documents pero ok lang at least I had to take rest even 1 day. I know God will totally heal me and I can handle all the works waiting on my desk tomorrow.

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