Friday, January 15, 2010

Saktong Pinoy kay Mr. D.

If there's one thing that reminds me of this day yun ay ang Mister Donut

January 16 is Batangas City Fiesta pero before that day every January 15 marami ng mga affair...Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas na talagang bonding time na naming magpipinsan na panoorin as in tinatapos namin until madaling araw and since our Tita Mama is the official caterer of Batangas City Government we can able to get good seat
If ang bonding ko sa mga pinsan ko is watching the pageant, I have different bonding with my have coffee. And as I reminisced this day naalala ko ever since naging officemates ko sila at naging friends every 15th of January we have a coffee date at Mister Donut!
Naiisip ko nga bakit ba sa Mister Donut lagi...hmmm e ang dami namang mga coffee shop. Its just at home na kami sa Mister Donut! We can talk anything there...laughter to the max pa. And syempre I personally love the taste of their swiss mocha or fancy torte cakes! Hay super namimiss ko na talaga not only their coffee and donuts isama mo na rin ang pasta nila but mostly ang mga kwentuhan at tawanan with my friends.
I'm looking forward to be in Mister Donut again on my next home talaga sa Mister Donut, sakto sa panlasa ng Pinoy

taken January 15, 2007

taken January 15, 2009

my friends & coffee buddies

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