Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Give me a Break

I am always busy.
I don't have idle times especially if I'm on my desk.
But no matter how busy I am I make it a point that once in a while take a break and give time for myself.
Here are some of my random lists on how I recharge my battery when I feel exhausted & almost giving up.
1. Praying
2. Listening to music.
3. Reading a book
4. Scrapbooking
5. Getting a massage
6. Taking a long (longer than usual) shower
8. Going out with friends
9. Coffee
10. Calling my mom
11. Chatting with friends
12. Writing anything
13. Dining outside with my closest friends
14. Lay down on my bed
15. Watching movies
16. Magmedia com
17. Going to church (i really love Praise & Worship)
Sometimes I want to do so many things that I know will boost my energy again but there are some hindrances like hindi available ang resources, hindi carry ng powers and it will take time, what I mean is:
1. Taking a vacation
2. Walking on a beach
3. Painting
4. Gaze into a landscape (nakakasawa ang corniche or kaya ang mga parks dito)
5. Go on sailing or hikingwith my family and friends.
6. Watch a movie alone kahit on my own room lang (I usually do it when I was in Pinas)
7. Go on malling with my best shopping buddy -- my Mom
8. Strolling with my friends...super namimiss ko na yon ang pagsstroll as in tamang joy ride lang na di alam kung san makakarating as in no plans at all kung san lang dalhin ng manibela pero sa mahal ng gasolina sa Pinas ewan ko lang ...hehehe
Super busy ko kaya naman nung isang araw ko pa ginawa itong post na ito ngayon ko pa lang napost . Anyway, as of this moment para marecharge ako gagawin ko muna what are listed above na available sa paligid o sa mga kamay ko

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