Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's on the Cyber World

Internet maybe one of the most influential technology of this era. Imagine in just a click you can able to purchase things you want without going out of your house; you can know the facts on your queries even without asking your prof.or the people around; you can reach out to your loved ones even they are millions miles away from you and you can able to meet new people in different parts of the country without travelling. A cable wires, laptop or desktop, and a piece of camera (if your PC doesn't have an attached one)
Personally I don't believe that you can meet an honest person in the net world that's why I never been interested to enter into chat room. Its just a waste of time, for me.
Funny to think that I have a computer subject since I was in my 1st high school but I tried chatting when I was in 3rd college I think....hahaha. my cousins convinced me to do so, as we are all bored that evening. And would you believe my own Mom is the one who's pushing me to chat with someone "malay mo sa chat mo mameet ang boyfriend mo". I don't know if she's really serious that time about what she said. She has an office mate kasi who get married and they met thru net world.
I have a cousin whom we called "chat addict", she's Ate Bebeth. She's close to us and always tell stories about her chat mates and we're always teasing her that maybe she can meet her boyfriend thru net. During her wake and eulogy her brothers & sisters are asking me as well as our other cousins on how is ate. Well,nothing to say super kind and almost all of us said that "maliit lang ang mundo nya, umiikot lang sa mga chat mates nya, after whole day of working nasa harap na sya ng PC". We want to inform her chat mates and net friends that she's gone but nobody knows her password...surely they missed ate.
There are some people used the cyber world to seek their life partner. I have an officemate who found her husband in internet. According to her its very rampant on their country to post or advertise their pictures and profiles in order to have a husband to be.The only difference maybe on their country is they are compels to get married even they dont love the person. I saw the profile of my cousin on her account, I asked her if it is her new bf and where did she met, what to expect she met the guy on the chatroom. Well, fortunate she is coz almost bf she had is she met on the chatroom...and hopefully this he is the one coz according to her they are planning to get married soon.
But despite of those we cannot deny the fact that there are so many bitter things thats happening in front of those monitors and cameras. Cyber world exposes many women from cyber sex not only women but of course men. In just a click of mouse and a peek on cam on a nude body according to some chatters i talked with you can get a sex satisfaction already. No hang ups. Well, the only thing its all for the meantime and all are just lies.
Let me share you on my next post my personal experiences regarding this chatrooms,for now I need to take some rest

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