Friday, August 28, 2009

Spending Wisely

Money cannot buy everything...
That's one of the lesson in life that I learned from my parents especially from Daddy. Kay Mommy naman I learned how to spend my money wisely...kaya nman I grew up na katulad nya takot sa utang.
Even may trabaho na ako before sa Pinas my parents are the one who buy for me some of my stuffs. Every pay day ni Mommy lagi nya ako kasama and kahit small things lang sasabihan nya ako na pumili for myself. Si Daddy naman basta may project sya every weekend nasa mall kaming maganak. One time there was an incident na nakakita ako ng blouse na super gustong gusto ko pero I hesitate to buy it because of its price and Daddy asked me "o bakit mo binitawan maganda naman?"
"ang mahal kasi for a blouse lang, kahit pa sabihin na branded, may mga style naman na mas mura"
"bakit maiisuot mo ba yang pera mo sa katawan mo?, 'pag gusto mo ok lang bumili babayaran mo naman di mo naman uutangin"
Until now that principle in life is dala-dala ko pa rin. I agreed with Dad, di dapat ideprive ang sarili, kung meron ka namang money for such thing why not di ba as long as its not "luho" and sometimes we need to give rewards to ourselves. Its ok to have a dinner in a hotel; to buy a branded clothes, shoes or watch; to treat yourself in a spa, parlor or massage. What my point is as long as we know our limitations of spending our money then its ok.
As they say we can still earn money but the happiness that the money can buy cannot be replaced. As long as we know kung alin yung priorities natin then I don't see anything wrong in spending our a bit of our earnings for our own comfort and wants.
To those people who's always telling me na "gastadora" ako...well I'm not. I only know to balance my earnings and to give rewards to myself.

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