Monday, August 24, 2009

Dad & Mom at 29

I have a love story to share
It may sounds very usual but this story is one of the best love story I ever heard.
Isang lalake at babae na nagmula sa magkaibang estado ng buhay -- gaya ng mga kwento sa mga telenovela langit at lupa pero not to the point naman na super yaman o matapobre.
Si babae nakapagaral sya ng full-time thru the support of her parents while the guy needs to be a working student to support his studies.
Lyceum of Batangas is one of the memorable place for them. Aside from the lady studied and graduated from that school they meet there.
The guy worked as a janitor to the school where the lady is taking up her internship. One night may emergency na nangyari during the woman's duty and walang ibang guy to help them than to the janitor who are busy mopping on the lobby.
To make the story started there up to the time that they get married last August 23, 1980.
According to the couple marami silang story is not always like a fairy tale. There are so many ups and downs; challenges, problems but despite of those the important thing a relationship must have is HONESTY, TRUST, RESPECT, LOVE and of course GOD must be in the center of a relationship or marriage.
Yesterday they celebrated their 29th year of wedding anniversary.
Meet my Dad and Mom...
I know and I am a witnessed of how hard for them to survived those challenges, problems, trials to fulfilled what is the best they know for our family.
Daddy - Mommy, thank you for everything, I am very proud that you are my parents. I owe all that I have now or I am now to both you.
Thank you very much
I love you.
Just keep the LOVE burning on each other's heart.

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