Sunday, March 8, 2015

34 at 34

To end and to welcome another year, here are 34 personal random thoughts that I learned and did from my 33 and looking forward to continue and create new ones at my 34.

1. Cooking is love . You exert effort and sometimes requires patience.
2. I survive without coffee. From my "old" lifestyle I can't stand the day without sipping at least 2 cups of coffee in a day but almost 6 months now, hooray for me I survive the coffee no more challenge! I am now a tea lover
3. Its fine to come in office in jeans.

4. Even men especially fathers can be in Kid's Ministry at church. I was so blessed to see that in other churches most of their teacher in their Kids Ministry are men.

5. Dieting is a mind matter, its more on controlling your mind than controlling your mouth.
6. Sometimes even the person you trusted most is the same person who will hurt you most too.
7. And there are some who keep in silent and watch you and you'll get surprise they are the person who will catch you.
8. You can still be friends with someone from your past, and sometimes become best friends.
9. Acceptance is the first step in moving on followed by forgiveness.
10. Live according to what you have and what you can. 
11. If you prayed for something and it seems that you have it but suddenly slips away due to uncontrollable reasons, then its not yet the answer. God's timing is always perfect.
12. Skyflakes cracker has only 120 calories! and 6 pieces of Kisses chocolates have 200 cal.
13. Blue and yellow are good combination while gold can be a substitute to black.
14. I fell in love with flats!
15. Its fine not to have SB planner, cheaper brand can sometimes offer better.
16. People no matter how good you are to them, they still have negative to say about you.
17. Rubber shoes are not really for me, but I can still be sporty.

18. Not all bottled water are healthy, check and choose the one with less sodium.
19. I love to stay in home section area longer than in apparel's area.
20. Not all wants and cravings need to be satisfied, sometimes you need to deny and sacrifice for something better.
21. Babies are naturally born to be a cheerful giver by merely smiling.
22. I'm still not used being away with my family. I still cry every time I  leave PH and back to Qatar.
23. Arranging parties and surprises is fulfilling.
24. You can enjoy the day by merely spending it with yourself - Me Time!
25. Root canal is not "bloody"
26. Having latest model mobile and having high end brands bags and shoes is not a basis for ones status in life.
27. Be humble and kind to anyone. Anyone means even the unlovable person.
28. There are still chances and hope to loose weight not by skipping meal but by eating the right food and right amount.
29. You can find another family in church.

30. Birthday is not about cakes and food, sometimes its only about being grateful and welcoming another year.
31. We have so many plans in life but its still the purpose of the Lord that prevails. Plan with Him.

32. Singleness is a blessing to enjoy. And there's no due date or age limit in marrying.

33. I loved and enjoyed my life at 33 and there's always another year to look forward. Happy new year to me!
34. I am loved. I am blessed. And I am grateful and thankful to the Lord.

How about you any thoughts you want to share?

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