Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Keeps Me Busy

For almost two weeks na nawala ako sa blogsphere, I will try my very best to be back and share what happened to me and suddenly I was disappeared in blog world, I know that you know what I meant.
I only have one reason for not blogging for almost two weeks - BUSYNESS. Yup I don't have much time lately to update you on what's happening to me, I tried but in the end I just delete what I wrote cos I couldn't finish. Hope I will finish this post.
What keeps me busy?
After the Eid Holidays, my full packed schedule continued. No wonder I have a lot of pending stories to tell you and so many photos to share, my apology to you guys.  So back to what keeps me busy...
I just transferred new flat last Friday. It took me two Fridays to shift my stuffs not included those I sent for cargo and old bed and dresser I have. Knowing how its difficult to boxed all the stuffs then take it out again and put to their proper places - cabinets or either racks. I had a good sleep on my first night in my new bed, after seven years I and my princess bed separated our ways, and this time for good. And what to expect the next day, I can't move my hands and my back is really aching, so ang ending SL ang beauty ko, but its not totally rest I need to arrange my stuffs.

These are only some of my personal stuffs that I arranged, I still have few box to open - my bags need to be hanged in bags' stand and books needs to be placed in the shelves. Oh my good luck to me kung kelan ako sipagin :-)
Another thing that keeps me busy in our new small business but its a corporation...hahaha meron bang corporation na maliit? hehehe.  Just two weeks ago we started an online page I'll definitely post separately for that, we started a small food business, mini catering as well.  Here's a info-photo of the bits of biz that I'm saying.

In just few days someone dear to me will be here in Doha! Yup and I've been busy arranging all the documents and necessary papers, sending emails for him and yes until he is not here with me I know I'll be busy and a bit nervous, praying that the Lord will touch the heart of all the people he will encounter in going here especially those who are in the Philippines immigration.
Those things look so simple that you might think that's not a valid reasons to escape from blogging but it is because aside from being busy to those things and stuffs I still have work and other activities that I need to attend. I do miss being on this world where I can express what I feel and tell what I want, feeling ko talaga ang talaga ang dami kong namiss na mga news, craze and happenings in blogsphere, but don't worry guys I just need few time and a bit of push to be in circulation again. I hope you'll continue to visit me here and join me in my journey through my stories.

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