Monday, November 11, 2013

Sagip Kababayan: Reaching Out for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Every time I see the photos and videos how the typhoon Yolanda disastrously damaged Philippines I can't help to cry and sympathize to my fellow Filipino. But even I cried so hard and loud its useless, I cannot comfort them with those tears and sympathy words, they need help in any little ways we can.
I saw several posts of how other countries and even those other nationalities in vacation in Philippines help and reach our fellowmen. I am bless seeing them carry sack of rice and packing relief goods, I am happy to see the monetary figures other countries gave to Philippines to help its people and maybe to restore other important facilities that need to be restored. But how about us, does our heart desires to reach and help our "kababayans" too? or iiyak na din lang tayo at awa lang ang paiiralin every time we see them in pain and in hunger, sleeping on the cold street with full of mud. Ipagpapaubaya na lamang ba natin sa ibang lahi ang pagtulong sa mismo nating mga kababayan dahil sa isang katutak na dahilan natin? "wala kasi akong pera", "wala akong oras" or "marami na namang tutulong sa kanila". Have you ever think the possibility na pwedeng mangyari din sa'yo ang nangyari sa kanila? at there is a possibility also na kung anong dahilan mo ng di mo pagtulong sa kanila ngayon is yon din ang ibigay ng ibang taong dahilan sa'yo pagdating ng araw?
Don't think that I'm forcing you to donate nor to help, my point is if you'll see how blessed you are at this moment if you'll compare what they are going through, will you just ignore them?
Ang pagtulong hindi hobby, hindi rin ito katulad ng arts or ng baking na kelangan maging passion mo muna bago mo gustuhing gawin. Helping others is desire from the heart and you can teach your heart to love to help others. 
If you are reading my previous posts in here siguro sasabihin nyo naman nakakabingi na ang mga sermon ni Jen about helping and giving :-) well instead na mabingi ka, tumulong ka na din lang - mas masaya, masarap ang pakiramdam na magshare ng blessings.
I received calls and messages from family, friends and colleagues to lead the donation drive for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Its not my first time to do this SAGIP KABABAYAN - nagdaan si Ondoy, Sendong, Pablo at kung sino-sino pang bagyo and lagi kong sinasabi we don't need to be rich nor to be in any position to help others, what only matters are the desire of our heart in helping.
Marami pa rin sa mga Pilipino especially OFWs ang nagdududa minsan na tumulong kasi they are thinking na ibubulsa lang ng taong papadalhan nila ang pera na ipinadala nila para sa mga biktima pero isipin nyo what if hindi naman talaga ganon? e di nasayang yung time na dapat nakatulong ka sa kapwa mo.
For several years I've been sending donations from our donation drive through some tv stations and other organizations but for this typhoon Yolanda, it will be sent directly to a person who will personally go to some areas mainly Tacloban, the most affected by the typhoon to reach the victims physically.  I'm referring to Mitz Sanchez Mape, she's a friend of one of my brethren. Mitz is not affiliated in any NGOs or private organization. She is doing out reach projects/ programs by herself with help of her family and friends.
So how Mitz will distribute our donations?
For this typhoon Yolanda operation, I and other friends and colleagues decided to instead of in kind donations we will only accept monetary donations. Why? For the past SK donation drives that we did we paid a bit expensive cost for the shipping, instead na maidadag yon sa pambili ng ibang needs ng ating mga kababayan napupunta sa shipping cost. We know na kelangan din nila ng mga damit and other apparels at malaking tulong din yung mga maiibigay natin, pero as of their present situations they need mostly foods, water, medicines and other primary needs na mas mura nating mabibili sa Pinas. But still paki-stand by lang po nung mga used clothes, kasi we are also working to seek for some groups na pwede nating pagbigyan and aside pwede po nating idonate yan sa OWWA.
How we will do it?
After gathering all the donations I will send it to Mitz, after receiving she will confirm to me. We can ask her what goods we want for the victims then she will buy it, pack and personally bring it to the victims. All the receipts will be sent to me and all the photos will be posted from time to time.
I know like me, you are also saying to yourself "kung sana andon ako sa Pinas...", if only I have means to be there personally and to reach them out physically. But the reality is we are here and one of the best that we can do is to help our fellow Filipinos by giving or sharing our resources to them.
Lets be a blessing in any simple or little ways we can!
In times like this, all we need is an open heart and open hand.
We are bless and that is enough to be a blessing as well to others especially to those who are in need.
Lets not wait for Christmas to extend help...lets make every day and every instances a Christmas, full of love and one of the essence is sharing and giving.
For any of your donations and related inquiry. don't hesitate to call me or drop me a message.
Thank you so much.
God bless Philippines
God bless us all

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God - Hebrews 13:16

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