Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmastime 2011

Christmas is the best time of the year. The time for giving; the time for forgiveness; the for reunions; the time for reaching out people - and to sum it up its the time of loving.
It's my second time in a row to celebrate Christmas away home - away with my parents and siblings. But I am really blessed of having my family here in Doha - my aunt, uncle, cousins and closed friends. In seasons like this they are my comforter to washed away my homesickness - the longing of being love and care by my immediate family. The coldness of the weather was ignored because of the warm of their comfort, care and love to me. 

Thank you Doha Family for the love and care :)  Taken last December 23, 2011 on our Christmas Party 2011.

Real friends are hard to find and finding one is such a great blessing. I am glad coz I am blessed by not only one. After more than five years of being together at work, last December 18, 2011 marked down our first Christmas Party as a group. It was called as "SMALL CHRISTMAS PARTY 2011" , ironic on its name as the prizes, venue and most especially the physical presence of each other. There are a lot of surprises, crying moments and never ending laughs, smiles, and joy in each other faces and hearts.

Those people are really a great blessings for me and I am very thankful to the Lord for each lives of them. Thank you guys for staying by my side not only to celebrate the Christmas Day but throughout 2011. I am looking forward for more moments being with you.

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