Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shakespearean Experience with the Chipmunks

One thing I love with Ramadan is its short work timings. Last month I was able to meet the CHIPMUNKS! They are my friends - the couple, Adrian and Ems are my kumare and kumpare and former colleagues too while me and ate Maribel is still working in the same company. Oh we miss you here, Karen.
It started when Ems gave a comment on one of my post in FB to have coffee since its Ramadan, after two days we ended up together. It supposedly a "girls' night" but since Adrian dropped us in the mall, we asked him to join with us in the dinner.
Its our first time in Shakespeare & Company. I eyed this place everytime I passed by, I really love the ambiance, oh their furniture and frames, the Victorian theme!

 I really love Victorian and "modern-vintage" theme. I am hoping I can get  at least one good piece of these chairs at least in affordable price...hayss kung mura lang at madaling ipa-cargo nakapaguwi na talaga ako!
Lovely and comfy chairs
 Look who's at the mirror?
I really love the place. 
Even we're not in the same office, it doesn't mean na wala na kaming pagkwekentuhan or maguusapan. Hindi matatapos na kwentuhan.
And since its our first time in Shakespeare, we are not familiar to what they serve. Its good thing that most of their crews are Filipino and super accommodating talaga nila and nakasmile, nakikipagkwentuhan pa, mas masarap balikan ang isang place kapag alam mo na welcome ka talaga; even their manager approach us.
Menu book
According to the crew in charge for us, all of their servings are for sharing. We decided to order variety of choices at least 1 each. Before our order they gave us complimentary "shakespearean" bread and butter. Tinapay pa lang nila masarap na and sympre mas masarap kasi complimentary, libre!

And here are what we ordered.

 Their seafood Caesar salad looks dry but believe me its not. You can really feel the crunchiness of their veggies. Perfect for our taste buds!
 They have their authentic taste of pizza, the crust is very different from others and look the cheese and the toppings, healthy na healthy.
 One of their best seller, chicken with gravy and mashed potato. Don't miss to order this when you visit them and aside they have a big serving of this.
It only looks that it has a small serving in the photo but its enough for 4 persons. You can taste talaga na ang ginagamit nila even sa sauce nila is fresh tomatoes or so whatever man na ginamit nila. 
Guys, I'm really encouraging you to give them a try, super kakaiba talaga ang lasa ng food nila, I mean these food na inorder namin cos yan pa lang ang natry ko sa mga menu nila.
They have also fresh fruit drinks na masarap and refreshing talaga.
The price of their food is affordable since their serving is for sharing, mejo mukha lang nakakatakot yung place kasi nga maganda which is some of us kapag maganda ang place naiintimidate kaagad and iniisip mahal pero if we will not try paano natin malalaman. 
We deserve a good place, good food and good service after working so hard.

And the supposedly not included to be with us in the plan, paid our bill. Oh my! Thank you Adrian! We had so much fun, and super thank you kasi treat na nga kami special hatid pa sa bahay. Thank you Adrian and Ems!
There will be a Shakespeare and Co. in The Pear Qatar soon! According to their crew iba nga lang daw ang menu nila doon but definitely the theme of the place is the same or mas maganda pa. And she added that all Shakespeare and Co. restaurants even in UAE ang nagdesign ng place is Filipino! O di ba nakakaproud, iba talaga ang Pinoy, artistic!
And one more thing, if you know someone who wants to be a part of their team, they can go to American Prime agency in Manila, you can search their complete address and phone number on their website.
 The Happy Chipmunk, The Happy Me

Shakespeare & Co.
Dar Al Salam Mall, Abu Hamour Doha
Telephone Number: 66768812
Opening hours: 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM

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