Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't Rush Things

I don't know if its just hormonal but lately I have so many things in my mind. I have so many things in my mind that I want to do, so many plans but I don't even know where, when and even how to start. All I am sure is GOD is in control of me. I'm talking to myself and assure that the Lord is always working, that despite of His silence He is listening to me, that even sometimes I feel He is not answering some of my prayers, He is there watching over me and moving on me.
Like anyone else I am just a human. I have emotions and heartaches. My body get tired and my mind blown away. Like anyone else, my life sometimes is also a roller coaster, full of ups and suddenly it drop down. I feel sadness too, sometimes I feel empty as well.  I become frustrated too when I didn't achieve something I really want. Like any other I am only human.
Sometimes I think of those people who because of depression and even due to frustration was become mentally ill.It sad to know that because someone doesn't love and care, their life seems to be wasted. 
Everyday is a second chance and those emotions are just only by passers. Don't let them win over you but instead be an over comer, show them how you that despite of the not so good thing that happened into your life, you still have million reasons to smile and be happy. Don't cling on your emotions they are not a part of you, remember when you were still a child, everything seems so red, no black nor blues. Happy moments are destined to be always in our mind and in our heart so whenever loneliness are passing by, those happy memories will become your sword.
God gave us free will to do things but don't be too confident and rely to yourself alone that you can do everything. You need GOD in your life. There will be times that you'll get tired. You'll need a comforter, you'll be needing a counselor, a provider, a healer, a Savior and so much more and you can only find that to JESUS.
 Have you ever say "thank you" from the time you open your eyes today? Have you ever say thank you for unexpected things and circumstances in your life, that you consider miracles?
I can't imagine my life without GOD. Maybe I am one of those people inside psychiatric hospital or maybe I have a wasted life or on the other hand enjoying a lonely luxurious life. No one knows.
My life isn't perfect and it isn't an ideal for some. But for me, I am happy and contented but it doesn't mean that I will stop to be better. From time to time I am reminding myself how blessed I am for having the life I have now. 
I don't need to rush for all of my plans to fulfill. I don't need to pressure myself over things that I want to accomplish. Anything worth having is anything worth waiting for.
For how many times God did a miracle in my life, for how many times He opened my eyes and made me realized that His plans are better than mine, that every "no" I received from people are another "yes" for a bigger and better plan He have for me. 
In my mind and in my heart, I will hold on to His words:
" Many are the plans of a man's heart, but its the Lord's purpose that prevails" - Proverbs 19:21
"For I know the plans I have in you", declared the Lord "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future" - Jeremiah 29:11

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