Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Heart Desire

What is God’s wish?
       You are God’s wish.
       You’re His heart desire.
       You’re His song in the morning.
       You’re His prized possession.
       You’re His treasure.
       You’re important to God!
       But not only you.
       God wishes to love the people around you too.
       If you wish God’s wishes, you’ll love yourself and others.
       If you wish God’s wishes, you’ll love like Jesus.
 -Bo Sanchez-

Did you ever ask yourself how blessed you are for having all the things on your hand? And did you ask yourself what is the purpose of having those blessings?

Some people I am working with or being with sometimes is asking how much I am earning...if we have a family business or if I'm sending monthly remittances to my parents? In the end, what they really want to ask me is why its like its easy for me to help others...knowing that there will be some amount to be taken on my pocket. 

Glory to God for giving me the desire of my heart that in any means even in a simple ways to be able to reach out the not so fortunate ones. 

If others can why can't I.

God gave me people who really keeps on inspiring me. I am very outspoken how Kcat inspires me and continue inspiring me to help others.

Its within the desire of our heart.

I remember the story told by Carmela, my officemate about her mom. One time she got home and saw candle lighted on the table and asked her mother why there's no light. Her mom replied that the money that supposedly for paying the bill was lend to their neighbor because one of the member of the family of the neighbor need to be hospitalized. And her mom added that electricity is easy to replace but the life cannot. And she keeps on telling her & the other siblings that they don't need to be rich in order to help people but rather its the desire of the heart matters.

I will be in denial when I say that money is not important for an outreach activity to be possible. Others say its easy for me because I am working abroad...its easy for me because I am single and only supporting myself. 
Money plays a big role in conducting an outreach activities but the desire of the heart is the biggest of them all to be possible.

Jessie, a friend of mine told me one time that I have so many work in the office for a purpose...its a blessings. Yes it is. Because of that OT pays I can reach out many people or if not many I can help to best I can.
Its not the amount or quantity of the gift you give but the love you put into it. Last October 22, 2008 when I made and a friend of mine asked me what do you get from maintaining that site? I know what he's trying to say if I'm earning from that site. I just simply answered I am not getting any financial benefits from that site; the only thing I am keeping that site is to help others to be encouraged & inspired for them to reach out others as well.

Helping others must be in silence. Honestly before when I was not in this ministry I believed that helping others must not be published or not outspokenly tell to others. But one time when I heard Kc Concepcion when she was interviewed regarding to her charity works she told that she is outspokenly tell it to everyone because maybe many people will be able to encourage to help as well. On my part, I believes that sometimes there are people who wants to share their blessings but doesn't have any idea where to start. So if they happen to heard it from you or to your friends you're also giving them chance to share what they have.  As I got from my multiply sibling Abhie, lets spread the good deeds like virus :) Why we will be shamed of telling our friends or asking support from them if its for a caused - a good caused.

Doing good things for others is doing better for ourselves. Isn't it feel good to know &to realized that you are blessed and you can share your blessings? Isn't it feel good to see the smiles and to hear how thankful those people to you in sharing with them your blessings? And isn't it feel great knowing that God put you in that ministry?

November 4, 2010 I was given a chance once more to share blessings as this is my heart desire

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