Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You're not in if you doesn't know what is FB. Everyone who knows how to use computer surely have -- no age limitation. Well at this point I admit I'm NOT IN...yeah, I don't have an FB account and everytime someone is asking they doesn't want to believe me at first until they found out themselves that I'm right I DON'T HAVE AN FB ACCOUNT. Ok I joined FB I think last month of 2008 or early 2009 but I delete it. I was not even able to update it, it seems that simple information like my name, age, location I inputted. Almost everyday someone is convincing me to join FB and some others are promoting FB like "naku magFB ka na kasi ikaw na lang wala sa FB marami ka mamemeet at mauupdate ka sa mga old classmates" Some are willing to do an account for me voluntarily but still up to now I don't have. I have nothing against FB or people who are joining FB...its helpful on finding old friends, colleagues or classmates and getting in touch with them again. But I have my reasons on why I don't want to keep an FB account (as of this time)
1. I have no enough time to update. I already try to have an account before pero wala talaga akong time para magupdate; I have joined several social sites already and keeping another will surely need an additional time.
2. I don't want "chismis"...hahaha. Hindi sa ginegeneralize ko but almost 50% nang may FB account na nakakausap ko especially here in office is asking me "do you know the latest on blah blah...na even sa FB nagbabatuhan sila ng linya". I know hindi lahat but I don't want it to happen to me ...so better umiwas na lang. And additional pa the PRIVACY, although you can have your account private pero basta...hahahaha
3. I don't want to encounter people from my past? hahahaha...basta may mga taong I don't know why they are creating stories na sila naman ang unang naapektuhan. So para walang gulo umiwas na lang .
Those are my top 3 reasons why until now I don't have FB account but who knows someone or something will convince me to have it soon....hehehe. For the meantime I will enjoy having my multiply, blogspot, and FS. I don't care whether other people says that I'm out of craze as long as I'm happy and at peace I am contented to that.
Again I want to make it clear I have nothing against FB, actually thru FB I got old pictures from a highschool friends...I will show you on my next post

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