Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my routine

Its 12:30 pm here, Im on my desk and a little bored...hayyy,in just 30 minutes back to work again. Sometimes I can't help to think na ganito na lang ba talaga ang buhay ko?--routinary. I will wake up 5:45 am and I will start to fix myself. By 7:10 a.m, my phone will ring, a sign that my service is waiting downstairs on me. Im travelling 30 minutes from my home to the office. At around 7:45 am Im already on my desk,magchecheck ng emails then by 8:00 am time to start to work. After 15 minutes (8:15am), I will transfer to the other table to attend daily meeting. By 8:30 if its Sunday-Thursday while if Saturday it consumed 1 hour or more. Only one hour is allotted for us to take our lunch...Im not used to eat on office canteen,why???ang dami ng nagtanong sa akin nyan pero simple lang ayaw ko ng chismis...(you will ask me why again??) pumapasok ka pa lang ng canteen it seems that all eyes are staring at you,don mo maririnig or mawiwitness mismo na kasama ni ganito si ganito..may asawa sya sa Pinas ah e bakit bf/gf nya si ganito.Mas ok na ito na sa desk at least peaceful. I enjoy the company of internet during lunchtime,checking my web sites account,chatting with friends, and checking out what's the latest in shopping world..hahaha. Its normal for me to get home at 9:30 pm or sometimes mas colleagues are teasing me when they saw me at the reception area by 7:30pm waiting for the car "are you sick"hehehe coz its really unusual for me to go home that early.Im used to it na..magtwo2 years na rin ako ganito--i mean everything has,social life and maybe or surely my attitude as well... Wait its 10 to 1 pm na I need to go na kc magtotoothbrush pa ako then as usual back to work...

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