Monday, May 25, 2020

Dream Now, Travel Later

The holidays started today in the gulf. Actually we started since yesterday so its really a long weekend for us since Friday. We will be back to office on Wednesday. Usually on this season people are out of the country and travelling but due to COVID its not permitted and not really advisable to travel. I miss visiting other countries aside from my native. I love seeing God's creation and masterpieces and how He put it artistically into each country.
It will cost naman talaga money depends sa countries na pupuntahan mo but for me especially when I reached my 30s mas naappreciate ko ang experience over material things. I still shop and reward myself after working hard sa mga bagay na gusto ko but part of growing up and "maturing" siguro kaya talagang nalessen. I'm not a traveler yet  though I visited several countries na din naman but not as others are doing but God's will di ba I can travel again (after this pandemic).
Lately I watch more on travel vlogs and I can't help myself wishing and imagining myself being on those places that I am watching - wishful thinking :)
Just want to share you some of so many countries that I want to visit (not in order) but my number 1 is really a dream since I was a child.

*Photos on this post are not mine.

Czech Republic
I have a book named "Life & Leisure" that I received as gift sa isang kaibigan ng parents ko. Imagine mga 6 or 7 years old pa lang ako ganon na ang regalo sa akin :) Most of the places don sa book are European places but Czech Republic really impressed me a lot until now. I love architecture and detailed designs never to mentioned the castle and old historical buildings. Kapag may mga intricate designs sobrang nagiging interesado ako kasi I know how much effort ang binuhos don ng gumawa. Prague lang ang maapakan ko masaya na ako :)

It won (I can't remember the year) as the happiest place in the world and from then on I became curious and read some articles about the place. Few years ago I met a Filipina who is married to a Danish. I met her through a charity fund raising when she donated a painting to me sa ginagawa kong fund raising para sa isang maysakit na bata. Through her mas nagkaroon ako ng idea about the lifestyle and living in Denmark. She told me that equality in Denmark really matters - doctor ka man or farmer pantay pantay lang ang tingin sa inyo ng society. Ranking and status does not matter if your living in that country and when you marry a Danish hindi katulad sa ibang bansa na madali mong makukuha yung citizenship, no no no, according to her hindi ganon kadali ang kumuha ng citizenship sa Denmark.

I love nature and I really love to see the famous alpine village in Grindelwald Switzerland. Waking up with the view with the smells of fresh trees and flowers, hearing the sounds of the lakes while sipping coffee and doing your morning devotion. Iniisip ko pa lang super naeexcite na ako :) And how about the Swiss chocolates that everyone love!

Ever since I was a child I heard a lot of stories how beautiful this country is and from then I get interested to read about it though not that much. Just recently found myself watching travel vlogs about it. Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin, at least one of these cities man lang :) I'm not much into city tour but these three captured my heart talaga ^_^

New Zealand
Who can't resist the scenic beauty of this country! I love nature - the greens, lakes, fresh air, alpines, and they have these all. Hindi na ako magiging choosy kung saan cos I know all of their place has something good to offer.

I fell in love in this country when I watched the movie "The Fault in our Stars" If I'm not mistaken that is in Amsterdam and until now I'm still in love to its vibes. Planned a trip before with my friends in the church but good thing it was not pushed, that's the same month when my mom passed away :(
It everyone's dream destination and I belong to them! Beautiful, historical, nature places and even places for shopping they have it. Food tripping is a must part of the itinerary. I worked in a Japanese international company for 9 years but during that time mahigpit pa sila sa pagiissue ng visa compare today.

Its every Christian dream destination to visit the Holy Land and given a chance to visit the place I will choose during pre- winter season, the weather is not that hot and not that cold. Siguro maiiyak ako when I first land my feet especially don sa mga places na kung saan lumakad si Jesus. According to some friends na nakapunta na iba daw talaga ang feeling. God's willing talaga I can visit.

I still have a lot places in my mind that I want to visit - Spain also is in my top 10 but for now yan muna :)
More than material things I learned now to appreciate and treasure memories. Memories that I can keep forever in my heart and mind. I learned that travelling is not a "luxury" thing and not a waste of money. God created each country with its own beauty. Each places has its own landmarks that everyone will remember. Travelling in other countries or even in local places is really a blessing. It may sounds expensive and its really is but if you will plan and really save for it, it will all worth it.  For now while there's still pandemic, let us continue to pray until this end. Let's pray for all countries and their citizens too. The Lord continue to heal the world.
Keep safe, healthy, and sane! God bless us all

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible - Hebrew 11:3

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