Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Love My Monito, I Love My Monita

Its less than a month before Christmas! And for sure like me your calendar is almost marked and weekends are already occupied.
Every Christmas season I'm telling to myself not to be stress in parties especially in preparation. Oh well, I really I can stand for it. Though I really love to organize and be involved in party preparation cos I really enjoy pero kasabay din ay ang stress. Just last week I need to confirm kung kailan nga ba yung party don sa kabila and don sa kabila, baka kasi mamaya magkapalit-palit.
I love attending Christmas/ Year End parties but I used to called it as "THANKSGIVING PARTY".
One of the highlight of the Thanksgiving parties is the "Monito-Monita" or exchange gift.  On Tito Abet's birthday celebration a week ago, Doha Family already started the first move to make our 2014 Thanksgiving possible and sympre sinimulan namin sa "palabunutan"
I love my "monita" so meaning babae ang nabunot ko :-) at kung sino man sya well abangan on December 19, 2014 ang revelation.
Aside from exchanging of gifts another thing to look forward to every Doha Family Thanksgiving is our dress code. Last year nag-ala Frozen theme kami feeling may snow sa disyerto on our shades of blue and white palette, check it here Doha Family 2013
Yesterday on our church naman instead of "monita-monito" we received an envelope na may letter at nakasulat don ang name ng 2 bata with their age, then sila naman yung bibigyan ng gifts.
The other party naman with SF is a common gift or unisex; since we don't have much time to meet each other before our party on December 12, 2014, we decided to bring gift that will fit to either babae or lalake. 
Exchanging gift for me is one way to symbolize giving though we can give to others without waiting to have something to receive. True essence of giving must come from the heart, hindi pakitang tao lang na naghihintay ka lang to be praised. And if you'll be giving gifts naman to your family, friends or colleagues its not necessarily na expensive then afterwards puro utang ka; we need to understand and practice that we should give according to our resources also, hindi din siguro magugustuhan ng niregaluhan mo kung malalaman nya na kaya ka lang nagkautang is just because dahil sa kanya, though we really want to give the best of everything to our loved ones and friends but its not right for us to suffer in the end. We need to balance our resources or finances as well.
Kaya ngayong Pasko para lahat happy maging matalino sa pag-sho-shopping :-)

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