Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Tita Mama!

Celebrating milestone with the family is one of the so many reasons that make us homesick being away from home. Today, another family celebration na naman ang namiss namin, its our dearest Tita Mama's 70th birthday.

Meet our dearest Tita  Ma

Norma, is Mommy's elder sibling.
Nakagisnan ko na ang tawag namin sa kanya is Tita Mama while we are growing up naging Tita Ma and sometimes Mama Norma, until now even the youngest  generation in the family call her the same.
I guess everyone in our family will agree if I say she's one  of the generous within the family. I remember nung pumapasok pa ako sa Day Care Center, since her canteen is located near SWA, dadaan muna kami sa kanya and even may mga baon na kami hindi pwedeng hindi nya pa rin kami bibigyan hanggang sa nagelementary, college and even nagwowork na kami, Tita Ma has always preparing something for us every time we passed by and would you believe until now na nagwowork abroad na kami, she never fails to have something for us from food, clothes and sometimes even money. Just recently after my vacation sabi ng sister in law ko, Tita Ma is waiting for me daw hindi na kasi ako nakadaan sa kanya before ako umalis ng Pinas,which usually dumadaan talaga ako before magflight sa kanila, meron daw sya dapat ibibigay na bedsheets and 100$ for me kasi di na daw sya nakabili ng kahit ano para ipabaon sa akin. 
We have so many memories with Tita Mama, she sponsored my year book when I was in highschool, she and Tita Atit kapag ibinibili nila kami ng damit magpipinsan pare-pareho talaga magkakaiba lang ng color sympre para daw walang inggitan :), kapag birthday, graduation or any special occasion she always handed something.I know hindi lang sya sa amin generous cos we are a witness kung gaano sa mapagbigay even sa catering staffs nya, kaya naman everyone knows "Tita Ma"
To our dearest Tita Mama, we are very thankful to the Lord for giving us a generous, thoughtful and caring tita. Though we're not in the Philippines to personally celebrate with you your birthday, you will always in our heart and thoughts and your birthday will always be remembered. Just pahabol na kwento, yesterday ka-skype namin sya, and she's saying na magpapadala sya ng money so we can celebrate her birthday too...awww how generous she is! but we insist that we're ok here and may mga family celebration din naman kami na gagawin dito.

Happy Birthday Mama Norma!
Our simple gift
To one and only "Tita Mama"...
Happy 70th Birthday!
 Our Lord continue to bless you in all areas and aspects of your life especially on your health. Youngest generation of the family is so blessed too cos they are still able to meet and be with you, hoping and praying that my future children will meet you too, hehehe well kung kailan yon di ko pa rin po alam, basta praying that our Lord will give you long life to live pa. God bless you Tita Ma! We love you,Mama


Christmas 2008 - picture with Tita Ma (iba-ibang henerasyon)

The Cleofe - siblings


celebrating Tita Ma's birthday at Keta Kelaruega Resort

taken last October 25, 2014 during my vacation

Many more birthdays to come!

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